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Primrose School at Pinnacle

Parent Testimonials

  • When we found Primrose @ Pinnacle, it seemed too good to be true. But we kept being drawn back. Initially, I'd canceled our tour, because the cost was a bit overwhelming. Then something happened that I'd never imagined! Ehab called me to ask me why. Never had ANYONE ever done that! He truly wanted to ask what he could do to try to get us to come see them. I said that it was the idea of drooling over a Porche but on a Yugo budget. Between their school and the company as a whole, we were awarded a partial scholarship to be able to send our daughter there. From day one, our daughter was excited to go to "school" and learn. Within the 1st week, she was absorbing and learning at a very high rate. And quickly becoming a class favorite friend. Always willing to help and be friendly. We always knew that, but the environment helped foster this within her. It's a hard profession, being a day care provider and educator to a young child. And along the way, this school brought into our lives some absolutely wonderful people that not only took the day to day care of these children very seriously, they also took care in developing a relationship with us a an entire family unit. These teacher are no longer with the school - but they have left a lasting impression on our daughter and our family as a whole. Add to that, it's because of Primrose @ Pinnacle that we've made some very dear friends. Our daughter is now finishing Kindergarten and the well rounded education she received during her time at Primrose laid the foundation of her love of learning. She loves the challenge as well. Every time we drive by - to this day, my daughter excitedly says, "Prim-a-rose!" Thank you for setting the tone of her love of learning and excitement to share with the world!!

    Sumer M.


  • I have both my boys (4 years and 18 months) enrolled at Primrose for a few months. I must say they are getting a quality education by wonderful caring involved (and amazingly patient) teachers!! We all LOVE Primrose!! The best educational choice I "stumbled" into making. :D I have finally found a place that interacts and knows the importance of taking advantage of those early years to spark the love of learning. My littlest one is so engaged and it is obvious that he LOVES his teachers. I feel at ease in the love and individualized attention that I know he is getting everyday - it shows in his smiling face. I see it in the intellectual leaps and bounds that he surprises me with daily. He had a rough start so I was concerned there would be significant delays - but I am honestly at ease that his milestones are monitored and they will adjust to meet his needs. I truly wish I had known about Primrose at Pinnacle when I first moved to Columbus - it would have saved me many months of stress about the care of my children. Primrose is the best!

    Julie F.


  • Switching my daycare provider to Primrose has been the best parenting decision I have made in my child's 22 months on this earth. Let me tell you why: at Primrose they teach not watch. The structure of the day keeps my child focused and well behaved. The class room setting really takes "Daycare" out of our families vocabulary.. When Lillian goes to Primrose she goes to school. Like an extension of our own family, my wife and I rest at ease our daughter is there.



  • I can not say enough good things about Primrose School at Pinnacle. I have been home with both my children (3.5 years and 21 months) since they were born. Picking a school was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I am very particular about who watches my daughters and my first instinct when I walked into this school was that I could leave my children here and know that they will be SAFE, their needs will be met and they would thrive socially and educationally. The staff put me at ease right away. The first day there my husband and I received an email for each of our daughters with their pictures and an update of how their first day was going. That was priceless. We continually receive notification about what is going on at the school each week with reminders of what events are coming (picture day, book fair, parents night out, etc). This is very helpful since life can be busy with work and two young children. The teachers are fantastic with genuine interest in making the children and us parents feel comfortable Any time I express a concern or ask the teachers to pay particular attention to something, they do without hesitation and report what I ask everyday. Even if it means keeping track of my youngest's BMs and milk intake :-) Choosing this school was the best decision for this family!!!!"

    Heba K.


  • We started with Primrose January 2011. I had enrolled my daughter in another daycare and wasn't very happy with the overall feel of the daycare. I did some research and set up a visit with Primrose at Pinnacle. From the moment I walked in I knew this was a great place and where I wanted to send my daughter. The staff was friendly, energetic, and dedicated to child care and development. I was impressed by the owners and their passion for children. I can't say enough about the staff. They are truly special individuals who deliver outstanding care. I am blessed to have them care so deeply for my daughter. I refer everyone I know to Primrose and can't wait to continue the wonderful journey of my daughter's life with them. Thank you for all you do!

    Allison A.


  • Primrose @ Pinnacle has taught my son his colors, shapes, numbers up to 10 and animals and he isn't even 2 years old yet! He enjoys going to "school" everyday and visiting his friends and teachers. He has made many best friends and has shown so much growth in the 9 months he has been here.

    Tori P

  • Cannot say enough good things about this school! My kids love coming here and are constantly learning!

    Danielle I

  • That teachers are PHENOMENAL with our son. Everyone greets us with a smile and is so friendly. Our sons knowledge base has grown leaps and bounds with Primrose. The only thing that could make us happier is a cheaper cost, as we are expecting and can’t imagine our second not attending Primrose also.

    Rebekah P

  • Finding a preschool can be a stressful decision. You’re leaving your child in the hands of others, while you’re off making a living. However, at my first visit with Primrose at Pinnacle, and discussing the curriculum and learning outcomes, I knew It would be a good fit—and it has been!! The school staffs great teachers, who care about your kids as if they’re their own! The leadership team is kind and considerate, calling you in the event something happens. It’s been a wonderful experience, and I would highly recommend Primrose at Pinnacle! -Kelli Garza, a Happy Mom

    Kelli G

  • Great care and experience for our family!!

    Suzanne S

  • Great School, with superior staff and administration! We live Primrose Pinnacle! We would highly recommend this school. The Crum Family

    Sarah C

  • Miss Reed & Miss Curtis are WONDERFUL! We're going to miss this as we move onto PreK2.

    Erin J

  • We just love Primrose. The staff are nothing but wonderful to my two boys and they both genuinely love going to school.

    Ashley F

  • I love the app and daily photos

    Lyndsey W

  • We love Primrose! We know how loved and protected our kids are there. They are learning and growing so quickly and we know so much of that is thanks to Primrose and their awesome teachers!!

    Allie H