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Hello – I am Sara Sartori, proud Franchise Owner of Primrose School of Peters Township. Owning this school is a dream I never could have imagined, but I am excited to provide the best care and early education possible to the children of Peters Township and the greater Pittsburgh area.

As a mother to three wonderful children, I know the struggle of finding a quality early education provider that has the same values as my family. After years of noticing a lack of high-quality early education options, my husband, Paul, and I decided to open a school of our own– not just for our children, but for the children of Pittsburgh. We set out on a journey to find the perfect partner and our research led us to Primrose Schools. From the moment we set foot into a Primrose school, we knew that the high quality of care and research-informed curriculum were exactly what we had been searching for all those years. We immediately knew that we wanted to bring the warm, loving environment we saw in Primrose Schools to the Pittsburgh community.

As parents, we strive to build character in our children, and the Primrose Balanced Learning® approach integrates that social-emotional learning into its curriculum along with academics. Participating in Primrose Promise™ efforts is also a point of passion for me. As a mom of three who cherishes giving without expectation, I believe it is important to teach the value of caring and giving early in life. Our family wholeheartedly shares the Primrose belief that who children become is just as important as what they know. Our school is poised to help children become lifelong learners and recognize the value of caring and giving.

My family moved to Pittsburgh more than 12 years ago from California, where Paul and I met. Out of our three children, only our daughter, Adrianna, gets to enjoy and benefit from the Balanced Learning approach. Our two sons, Dante and Devin, still get to take part in our school’s service activities and live the Primrose Experience through their sister.

Most of my background is in operations and management in various fields, including working as an account executive at a television organization. More recently, I have focused my time and energy on raising our three children. Coming from a family of business owners, however, I have always had a dream to own a business myself.

I am thrilled to offer the Primrose Experience to parents and children in the Pittsburgh area, and I can’t wait to welcome you to our Primrose family!

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