Primrose School at Palm Valley

Parent Testimonials

  • Cole has been at Primrose for just over a year. He has had several amazing teachers. We love the structure of Primrose and Cole thrives in this environment. We love the fact they teach music (which Cole LOVES!) and how they delve right into scholastics regardless of the age of the child. With Primrose's help we have been able to communicate with Cole starting around 6 or 7 months with sign language! Amazing! They serve a variety of healthy foods which helps to introduce my otherwise picky eater to try new foods….now if I could just get him to eat these same foods at home! The faculty is always 100% able to assist with any and all concerns. They have never "brushed me off", having instead taken my concerns seriously and promptly attempted to do whatever they could to fix the issue or correct the problem. Ms Verlardi and Ms Brown truly love what they do and it shows. My son loves them and always has a smile for them. I have recommended Primrose to several of my friends and coworkers. If we ever move…I will first check to see where a Primrose is and look for a home in that area. I love this school that much and so does Cole! I have no hesitation about dropping Cole off at school everyday! I know he is in good hands and will be well taken care of! Thank you!

    Amber M.


  • We are so thankful that we found Primrose School at Palm Valley when we were searching for a daycare provider for our new baby girl. The only way I could go back to work after my maternity leave was knowing that my only daughter was being looked after in a safe, clean, and caring environment. She joined the infant classroom at the early age of 8 weeks old. Though I miss her every day (and hour!) I'm away from her, they helped us both make it through the transition. I am especially grateful to both of the teachers in her classroom and know that they are giving my baby the care she needs while also promoting her developmental needs. Everyone at the school is welcoming and friendly and also very supportive of my daily lunch visits to see my baby. Thank you Primrose!



  • We have been part of the Primrose family for 2 1/2 years and have loved every moment of it!! We are so happy and lucky to have found this wonderful school! From the normal, daily routines to the special annual celebrations, they put their heart and energy into making every event special for every family! Some of the things that make them so special that I love are the Pledge of Allegiance and announcements at Circle Time, the exciting and structured learning activities, the exceptional and caring staff, the annual book and pet drives, the Rhythm and Notes music program, the Primrose friends and character development, Splash Days in the summer, Snow day in the winter (yes, even in Phoenix they make this possible!), Spring Fling, Cultural and Costume parades, Ice Cream Socials, Muffins for Moms and Donuts for Dad, Apple of our Eye teacher recognition, and Cray Hat/Silly hair days!! They wear me out just thinking about everything they do every day with a smile! Graham and Claire have learned so much and often times I have to admit to family that Primrose “taught them that” when they show off a new skill! It is very reassuring to know that our children are being provided a loving, fun education with values we support. We know that Primrose has had a huge role in their development and ours as parents and we are so glad that they have! =o)

    Jennifer H.


  • I am so pleased that our daughter is attending Primrose school. Since changing schools/daycare, Sunday has been more positive about attending school (no more tantrums @ drop off) and is being challenged academically and socially. The other day she came home and told us that it was unsanitary for her to go potty in her diaper (thanks to Mrs. Mohammad). After talking with Mrs. Mohammad, she stated that she told Sunday it was unsanitary to bring her binky in the bathroom with her. Sunday already has an extensive vocabulary for 2.5 yrs. old, now its getting even broader. I truly feel that the learning environment is both explorative and structured. I'm a former montessori alum and I'm glad that our child will receive a similar early education as I did.

    Noel F.


  • To say that I was skeptical about leaving my two-year-old daughter at a "daycare" is an understatement. When I dropped her off that first morning I don't know if it was harder for her or me. I quickly realized that Primrose at Palm Valley is not a daycare, but a true learning environment. Their balanced learning curriculum is amazing and I saw my daughter engaging in a variety of activities such as Art, Science, Sign Language, and Music. Today, she is in the Pre-K classroom and is learning Reading, Math, Spanish, Computers, Cooking, Writing, and much much more. I am blown away with the things she comes home with. She is always excited to go to school and come home and tell me what she has learned. I am so impressed with how Primrose at Palm Valley has taken care of my firstborn, her newborn sister has started there as well. We are a true Primrose at Palm Valley family. Thank you Primrose at Palm Valley for all that you do!



  • Bryson has been a student at Primrose Schools at Palm Valley for over three years and we have enjoyed EVERY moment. We were first introduced to Primrose Schools unfortunately under stressful conditions. Upon first moving to Arizona, we initially enrolled Bryson into another school not knowing about Primrose. Within three days we knew that the school was not for Bryson nor our family. We quickly found Primrose and asked for a tour. After a very detailed tour of the facility and asking question after question after question, we had no doubt but that Primrose was the school for Bryson. We have NEVER looked back since that first day. Bryson has been in Preschool, Private Pre-Kindergarten, and is now in Private Kindergarten and has learned so much each year. We have been exceptionally pleased with the quality of each teacher that we have been introduced to. Some schools have a great teacher here ore there; Bryson has had an exceptional teacher EVERY year. The teachers are super friendly each day and always have complete control of their classes. We get so much insight into our son's daily activities as they happen as well as detailed discussions during the Parent/Teacher conferences. Every parent thinks that their child is gifted and is smarter than the next child, but when your child brings home skills that most public schools don't begin for years later, you know that Primrose Schools have a quality educational program above and beyond others let alone quality child care. Every morning we drop off Bryson, the front desk says hello to Bryson by name and says hello to us by name. The professionalism that they exude is remarkable. The staff keeps us informed of everything going on during the school day and we trust them with our son. To each of you that are considering entering your child in Primrose Schools at Palm Valley, I cannot express enough the pleasure nor confidence that you will have once you enroll your child. Hats off to the entire Primrose staff.