Primrose School of North Raleigh

Parent Testimonials

  • We've had a great experience at Primrose North Raleigh thus far. My daughter has been enrolled for two months now and has made a good transition from her old school. They allowed us to visit on several occasions prior to enrolling her full-time so she could get used to the environment, teachers, and new friends. All of the staff, especially her teachers in PS1, appear to genuinely care about their kids and want to see them's not "just a job" to them. My husband and I can finally drop her off without multiple meltdowns (like at her previous school) thanks to her great teachers!

    Tenisha B.


  • I can honestly say that everyday is a ""WOW"" experience at Primrose School.  I have had both of my daughters at Primrose since they were newborns and have only had wonderful experiences since they started here.  Especially during the beginning, as new mom, it was such a relief to be able to leave my girls in such caring and competent hands right from the start.  As a working mom, I hate that I am not with my children all the time, but Primrose has become my children's extended family since day one.  It has been a joy to watch my children grow in such a nurturing, safe, and secure environment.  I know my children are loved and it is evident in how they still get so excited to see past teachers and beg to give hugs to them even as they have moved out of different classes!  I am so grateful to all the Primrose staff, from the front office, classroom teachers and cook!  They are all so amazing!  Thank you for all that you do!

    Aimee B.


  • Wow!!! After having my daughter in 2 different daycares and having terrible results with the management and high employee turnover - we decided to invest in my daughters future. from day one my daughter has been excited to attend this well managed center of learning. There's absolutely no comparison, Primrose is the best, yes it comes at a price but when you compare the knowledge she gains from the top of the notch staff. My sincere gratitude to the staff and members, for making my daughter's daily life eventful and mine uneventful (If you know what I mean- hated those unexpected calls from other daycares)

    Adrian C.


  • We have been a Primrose family since 2007 and could not be happier with our girls time there. Due to a temporary job relocation, we have been a Primrose family in different 2 states and received consistent high standards and great teachers in both locations. Our oldest child is now a second grader and was well prepared for school after her Primrose education. Our youngest is in her last year of Pre k and is doing great. We definitely heart Primrose!

    Julie C.


  • We enrolled our daughter at Primrose when she was 3. She had previously been at another preschool before hand for a short period of time. After we enrolled her, we could see a difference in her immediately. She was articulating her words more, she began telling us daily of things she was learning at school, and her behavior had improved. She was showing us she was truly enjoying her experience at Primrose. It was like night and day the difference and was almost overnight. We could not be more pleased with the staff, we adore her teachers, and the facility is so clean and neat. We are so happy with Primrose and look forward to sending our son there in the near future as well. I would recommend this school to anyone.

    Kristine M.


  • I'm a first time mom and I remember being totally clueless during our daycare search. I'm ashamed to admit that price was a really big factor for me and I was convinced that more expensive didn't necessarily mean better. All it took was a couple of visits to other centers to prove me wrong. From the start, Primrose has been so organized and pleasant and welcoming. What I love most about Primrose is that I feel like the teachers and staff really know my son and are as excited about his growth and development as my husband and I. He is so loved and appreciated. There is no shortage of smiles and cuddles in the infant room, and that means a lot to me, as a working mom, who can't always be there to give them myself! I also love that, even as infants, the babies are really engaged. My son has brought home enough artwork to start his own gallery (he's only 7 months old!) and it's all really clever, thoughtful stuff. There's nothing run of the mill about Primrose. The teachers, the staff, the activities, the care ... they have all exceeded my expectations. I have a very happy baby and I think it's because, whether he's at Primrose or at home, he's surrounded by people who adore him.

    Melissa M.