Primrose School of North Lewisville

Parent Testimonials

  • I love Primrose because they take such care with my baby! All of the teachers seem to genuinely care about the children and to love their jobs. As a working mother it is not easy leaving my baby every day to be taken care of by someone else. You always wonder if they will treat your child with the same love that you would, but since the day she has started at Primrose, I have seen nothing but love, patience and kindness shown to my Izzie from everyone at there and it shows in the way she jumps out of the car every day for "School Time!" It means more than anything in the world to us to know that she is in good hands every day and that she is in a place she loves.

    Carolyn A.


  • Primrose has been great! They take great care of Izzie and she loves it there. We would not think of taking her anywhere else.

    Joel A.


  • I have two kids at Primrose of North Lewisville and I have to say that from the beginning, I feel like our school is an extension of our family! I love that every teacher knows every child in the building and that there is always a smile or high five to give. Not only do they give positive and loving support, they also are instrumental in every day development. From discipline to potty training, teething to sharing. They are with you every step of the way, communicating the successes and the opportunities that pop up each day. My kids are always excited to go to school and have big smiles when I pick them up. I also feel like they learn so much when they are there. I am surprised each day with something new: a song, counting, recognizing letters or animals, being polite, etc. They are both getting great foundations for Kindergarten and beyond! We heart Primrose of North Lewisville!

    Megan G.


  • I have three children that attend Primrose ages 1, 3 and 5. I love the staff, teachers and the environment. All of my children feel loved, are happy and well adjusted. As a full time working mother, I couldn't feel any better about the care my children receive unless I was taking care of them myself! Thank you.

    Carly D.


  • As a first time mother I struggled with the thought of sending my child to daycare. I was referred to Primrose by my boss who had both of her children in Primrose ever since they were infants, and she had nothing but good things to say. It took a month or so to get adjusted, but I couldn't be happier. My daughter loves going to daycare, so much so, she can't wait to get out of the care when we drop her off. It is so nice to see her growing and thriving. I love that she is able to interact with other babies and I appreciate the great care her teachers give her. Thank you so much to the staff and teachers at Primrose North Lewisville!



  • I want prospective parents to know how much I appreciate this school's important presence in the life of my son. When I came looking for a school, I was looking for the unique qualities that would separate it from the rest. I was looking for proper curriculum, guidance, caring, heart, unselfishness, honor, integrity and most importantly, leadership from the top. Someone has to take all of those aforementioned qualities and appropriately apply them. Jamie Bacon is that person, without a doubt. Since my son is enjoying his 7th month there, and about to embark upon a new year, I feel better than ever about his continued education. I have seen him grow so much in a small sample of time, and this lets me know that his teachers, led by Laura, are doing exactly what they need to do to help him progress educationally and personally. I must pass this praise on to a school and a group of ladies who may or may not know how much they have helped this child. This is everything I could have ever prayed for along this journey. Outside of my vision and protection, I take the leap of faith that my kiddo is OK...and he is! He is such a special child, living in extraordinary times he must survive. You probably know the relief felt by a parent as he or she makes the decision to leave their child with someone else, and sees that it is both safe and beneficial. I feel this with Primrose School North Lewisville. The teachers and ladies who care for those children and administrate the school are outstanding, and have been nothing but professional, courteous and kind during this time. I try to let the teachers know what I think of their performance - that is such a tough job. My mother has done it for 38 years. Sometimes, they don't hear enough compliments. So, with that, I know Henry is in good hands. I couldn't be happier with Jamie and her terrific school.

    Christopher M.