Primrose School of Murfreesboro

Parent Testimonials

  • As first-time parents, we were like any others...terrified and heartbroken to leave our sweet little man to another's care. After interviewing several other locations, we decided to place Mack under Primrose's care. After the first week was over, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that we had made the perfect decision. I never expected to find a place that would love and nurture our son as much as they would educate.; I thought that by me not being at home with him, he would miss out on the nurturing aspect of his growth. I was completely wrong! Not only did the teachers in his infant room adore him, we found out that the school's director would spend time with Mack as well! They would hang out in her office, or walk around the school together. Then, the school chef met Mack.Instant connection!We found out that she was taking shorter lunch breaks just to go into his classroom and rock him.There has not been a day since then that I have felt guilty not staying at home. Mack is receiving incredible care and education, and we are thrilled to be a part of the Primrose family!

    Heidi C.


  • Ms Katherine, in Preschool A, is such a heart warming relief for me and my daughter. She is quick to smile and so friendly! She is reflective and forthcoming with information about my daughter's progress, rather than depending on the daily report sheet alone. She is well spoken, professional....and I just can't adequately convey how happy we are with her. Thank you, Ms Katherine, for being so wonderful to these young little hearts and minds. :)



  • Our daughter was a year old and our son just turned 4 when we knew we had to make a change in the environment and care for our children while at work. We were looking for a place where our children would thrive and get the best foundation as we know the first five years of a child's life is very critical. Setting a good foundation was so important to us. We were driving around one afternoon and noticed a beautiful building and learned it was a private preschool/ learning center. One day we walked in for a tour. After meeting Melodie the director and Susan the owner we knew where we needed to be! A year has passed and we can't imagine being anywhere else. There is not a day that goes by that I have any regrets about switching our children even though I was so worried since it was such a big change! Our son loves the school so much he mentions wanting to go on he weekends! Our children both adore their teachers and I can't imagine them anywhere else! We heart Primrose and highly recommend to everyone! We thank the director and all of the staff who make the school so successful!

    Rebecca C.


  • Primrose School of Murfreesboro was exactly what our daughter needed. The staff is wonderful and kind and they never forget that they are dealing with individual children, not commodities. My wife and I were always kept in the loop about our daughter's progress. We live in Smyrna, so a side benefit was that Grandma, who lives in Murfreesboro, got to pick up our daughter almost every single day and keep her until we returned from work. This time with Grandma was truly special - and a direct result of Primrose being there when it we needed it to be there. We are truly blessed to have been part of the Primrose experience and are better for it!

    Dick K.


  • I had put my daughter in a few different day cares- wasn't having good results with her developing academically and socially. It was putting a ton of stress on the family trying to figure out what was wrong! Did she have behavioral issues? Was she the problem? So, I called Susan @ Primrose to see if they could help. I had met Susan over 2 years ago at a function and I've always kept Primrose in my memory. My daughter has been there 3 weeks now, and it is AMAZING. I don't get the notes saying she is "emotional" or text messages that is having a fit for whatever reason. SHE IS HAPPY! Her teachers are amazing! In fact, all of the employees that I have met there are AMAZING! Primrose is a SCHOOL not a day care to me. My daughter is happy to go to school now- they keep her engaged both academically and socially. I would recommend this school to everyone! Susan (the owner) is GREAT- she will see you through the process and always has a kind word to say. I will be sending my daughter through their Kindergarten program as well instead of public school next year. Please go check them out!



  • Just wanted to send a note to say what an exceptional staff you have.. not sure if everyone feels the way we do, but you've got a fantastic group there! They are taking extra special care of our little Brandt and Evane goes to Ms. Sam every morning (not crying!). It makes my day much easier when I walk in and Ms. Angie will take Brandt for me, or the girls in the class will get him (Erica, Alyssa, Chrissy), and put his bottles up while I take Evane to class. They also take his car seat most mornings or get it in the afternoon and pack Brandt's bag! They are very informative about how he was that day.. it just makes a Mom feel good to know her baby is in good hands. Also, Ms. Mandy.. she's a real gem! I've mentioned a few by name, but in reality they're all above the norm. I'm sure you've expressed to your staff how much that extra mile means to parents (also customer loyalty). Thank you for having an extraordinary school! We are truly blessed by you and your staff. Sincere thanks, The Tidwells