Primrose School of Maple Grove

Parent Testimonials

  • My son has been at Primrose since he was 12 weeks old. When it came time to decide on a day care option, I was very worried that I wouldn't find a place where my baby would be well taken care of. We found Primrose and immediately knew this was the place where we wanted to send our son. The building was clean, the staff was caring and we loved the educational curriculum, even starting in the infant room. He is now three and has learned so much. All of the teachers are welcoming every day and all know him by name, even if he has never been in their classroom. He is well cared for and has already been exposed to so much learning (music, art, shapes, letters, counting, Spanish) that I am confident he will be more than ready for kindergarten once the time comes. When I became pregnant with my daughter, Primrose was again an easy choice and just shy of her first birthday, she is already thriving. As a working Mom, I take great comfort in the fact that I know my kids are not only well taken care of each day but that they are safe, they are learning and they are happy. Thank you to Joe, the staff and all the teachers in Maple Grove for making Primrose such a special place.



  • Our daughter started out in the Private Pre-Kindergarten class and has now been enjoying her summer with Camp Primrose. We love Primrose because of her amazing teachers and all her friends she has met. The Primrose School of Maple Grove has been great for preparing our daughter for Kindergarten and we know that she is more then ready for this next stage in her life!



  • Primrose has been wonderful for our son. Everyone is very welcoming and friendly EVERYDAY! We see a major difference all the time in his learning and understanding. We especially love water day and cookie/dance off Friday!

    John A.


  • My daughter LOVES Primrose. She has already made so many friends there. The best part of Primrose are the staff members. They are so friendly. Most mornings, she gets a big hug from her teacher, Ms. Barthell. I am VERY impressed at how much my daughter has learned. She can count to ten in Spanish, and she can recite the Pledge of Allegiance. I give Primrose an A+++++. :)



  • Our son started at Primrose just before he turned 4, and previously having a hard time transitioning in other settings. His teachers and the staff showed such a warm and sincere welcome each day - he very quickly was asking to go to school! He has loved all his teachers and every adult in the building. He looks forward to going each day and loves telling us all about it when we pick him up. As a parent, I appreciate the friendliness of all the staff who truly seem to be doing what they love. Not only is the staff and atmosphere wonderful, but our son has advanced academically far beyond our expectations. The structured curriculum is designed in a way that is fun, applicable and engaging for children. Our son is learning everyday simply while having fun with his teacher and friends! We have a tremendous amount of appreciation and respect for the entire team at the Maple Grove Primrose. Each day they manage difficult, and incredibly important work - with great success. Thank you!

    Todd A.


  • My twin girls started at Primrose when they were 2 1/2 years old. They just turned 6 and will graduate from Primrose Private Kindergarten in a month. Our experience at Primrose has been fantastic and I recommend it as an educational daycare and Kindergarten option whenever I get the opportunity. Our most recent experience with the Private Kindergarten program was an amazing way to top off our 3 1/2 years at Primrose. No where else will a parent find a maximum class size of 15 taught by two dedicated, engaged and motivated teachers. My girls are excited to go to school each morning and look forward to the fun and learning that is in store for them. They are personally greeted as they walk into class each morning and at night are excited to talk about what they learned that day. The teachers are approachable, accessible and understand the individual personalities and learning styles of our girls. Our girls are reading chapter books and doing addition and subtraction. WOW! I highly doubt I would be writing any of these things about a 25/1 ratio public kindergarten classroom experience. Primrose has been an amazing, loving and growing experience for our girls. If they had first grade, we would enroll!