Exterior of a Primrose School at Lowry

Primrose School at Lowry

Parent Testimonials

  • We have been so thrilled with everyone at Primrose at Lowry. We moved our oldest to the school shortly after it opened, and our youngest started in the infant room as soon as he was able. All the teachers and staff have been wonderful to work with and have always had nothing but our children's best interests in mind. What has impressed me most, however, has been working with Kaitlin and Ms. Weber over the last month or so. We are moving and have to change schools (another Primrose). They have been wonderful in trying to help ease the transition and help make sure we are ready for our new school and placed in the appropriate class. When we first started, I was cynical about a privately owned day care (as opposed to a non-profit), but I can't say enough positive things about our experiences with Primrose at Lowry. I highly recommend it to anyone!

    Alix J.


  • Ever since we enrolled our son at Primrose, we have been impressed with not only the quality of care, but our son's educational development. From potty training, to music, to science, and now to reading and writing, his early childhood development has been greatly enriched by the Primrose curriculum. Primrose simplifies my life as a working mother that I never thought was possible. I never have to worry that he's not getting the love and care that every mother wants for their child.

    Karin P.


  • I enrolled my son at Primrose after he experienced a horrible school year at a different preschool. My son (and my husband and I) were extremely nervous about school in general after such a rough start somewhere else. After speaking with the regional director, Shannan Meyer, my hopes were elevated. My son required a few classroom modifications to accommodate his recently diagnosed sensory processing disorder. His teacher, the director, and the assistant director were all on board with helping my son transition smoothly into the classroom. They went above and beyond their roles to support my son and my family! Due to the outstanding leadership, and amazing teachers and staff my son had a successful school year! He made significant academic gains and grew socially, and most importantly he became confident in his ability to navigate school! I cried when he said "Mommy, I can do school now!" Primrose School at Lowry changed our lives; I will always hold a special place in my heart for the incredible staff at Primrose!!

    Sarah P.


  • Our daughter started at Primrose this past spring. We cannot say enough good things about our experience at Primrose Lowry. From the moment we were considering the school we felt we received a wealth of information and the time from the staff to answer all of the questions it takes to make a informed decision for your child's care. Once we saw the first class facility and met the amazing Owners, Directors and Teachers we knew we had found a gift - a place where we could feel our child would be safe, learn and grow everyday. I have recommended Primrose at Lowry to neighbors and coworkers since our little one started there. It is truly a great place.

    Erica M.


  • We transferred our sons (18 months and 3 years) from another daycare to the Lowry Primrose school right when the school opened a few months ago based on the excellent reputation of Primrose schools. Our lofty expectations have been exceeded. Both of our boys have loved their teachers and the other students. The school also brings in supplemental activities (soccer coach, ballet teacher, Fun Bus, etc) in addition to the daily schedule (which includes art, music, outside play, etc). We love how there is always somebody at the front desk to say good morning or wish us a nice evening. We could not be happier about our experience and would highly recommend the Lowry Primrose school.

    Matt and Anne Q.


  • Our twin boys have attended the Primrose school in Lowry since it opened in May. The Director, Sarah, and Assistant Director, Kaitlin are wonderful – they did a great job ensuring our boys felt welcomed at the school. They really care about all of the families at the school and make an effort to get to know everyone. It is always fun to chat during drop off and pick up times. The teachers at Lowry have been wonderful also - they are very patient with the children. I am comforted to know that they are in a safe, nurturing environment. My boys love going to school every morning and always have stories to tell us at the end of the day about all of the fun things they did or learned that day.

    Melissa R.


  • The professionalism of administrative staff and teachers is fantastic, and the extra attention and care given to Julian during his ordeal has been extraordinary. He truly enjoys coming to school everyday too.

    Erin H

  • Know all of your students, communicate well with families.

    Dina G

  • We're thrilled with Primrose and would hands down recommended to all of our friends and family. Thank you for everything you do!

    Molly S

  • Our little girl is well-cared for and seems genuinely loved by the staff. We appreciate it!

    Christopher K

  • KIND teachers that maintain communication with parents on a regular basis.

    Aubrey E

  • We feel so lucky that Madeleine has such a special place to call "home away from home". She is so loved by her teachers and the community and we couldn't be happier with the experience at Primrose Lowry!

    Alison O

  • The teachers have great support from the school staff and I truly feel my son's personality, strengths, and individuality are all embraced and celebrated by his teachers and the school as a whole. We are very confident that the structure and curriculum are well balanced and enriching.

    Andrea R

  • Front desk ladies are always there to greet us with a smile. Very alert when it comes to classroom health/sickness alerts. Teachers are always informative and able to provide daily, detailed feedback for our child. Keep up the great work primrose Lowry!

    Patrick J

  • Friendly, professional staff from the front desk to the classroom. teachers are engaged with students and don't appear to just go through the motions. learning activities and life skills are greatly appreciated.

    Thomas W

  • The staff and teachers are always great. The management team is great as well. Thanks for all the support. We appreciate everyone’s hard work in keeping our kids safe and educational programs are supreme!

    Alexis M