Exterior of a Primrose School of Littleton

Primrose School of Littleton

Parent Testimonials

  • Our son started with Primrose in October 2012 and we couldn't be happier. He was removed from his previous daycare because he was having difficulties trusting staff and as a consequence when touched or pressured into participating with the class he bit. He has never bitten anyone at Primrose, he is not hysterical when I leave him in the morning, and he is happy to see me but busy playing or reading and wants me to see what he is doing. His attitude is relaxed. The school is very clean and the teachers, director and owner are super friendly. I wouldn't take him anywhere else. I feel that he is safe and well taken care of.

    Michael A.


  • Our experience at Primrose Littleton has been nothing but excellent. From the administrative staff, to the teachers to the excellent cook we could not have picked better school for our children. They have excelled at learning, sharing, listening, cooperating and being engaged in a fun-filled and safe environment. Additionally, staff has always accommodated us to meet our changing schedules and we are greeted by a friendly smile and hello each time we walk in the door. It is a wonderful, wonderful school!



  • Great school. We sent both kids there and have had nothing but great experiences. Our daughter is a year ahead and is doing kindergarten there so she can transition seamlessly into first grade at the local elementary school. The staff is great, Nella's cooking is top notch and we will miss sending our kids there when the little one graduates.

    Daniel B.


  • My daughter began attending Primrose School of Littleton on Sept 5th, 2012 -- at 11 months old -- after being taken care of in the home of a family friend. She was the only baby -- her 'adopted' brothers were 5, 10 and 12 years old. She was used to being around kids from the entire neighborhood -- all age 5 and up. She had never been around any babies or kids her age - ever. She was used to one-on-one attention. In addition, my daughter has some special health care needs that Primrose has absolutely taken on...with no if's/and's/or but's. This past month has been one of the most trying times for this single mother...and her little sweetheart who is adjusting to her new environment. In addition -- she has not felt well a good portion of this time. I must say that choosing a school/public facility for my baby was SOOO SCARY to me. I could not have made a better choice. Will several obstacles and a crying/worried mommy calling 3's a day -- every single person at Primrose/Littleton has welcomed us with open arms -- day after day. Delise is the new Director to Primrose of Littleton -- I believe she began the same time my daughter started there. She has been AMAZING! She has requested I let her know how my baby is -- knowing we'd just been to the doctor again (and much, much more). Then there is: Miss Bonnie, Miss April, Miss Amy, Miss Brittany, Miss Katie --- they have all just made us feel so special and welcome. My daughter is learning so much every day in the 'older infant' room in which she was placed. I am so excited! We are SO VERY BLESSED to have the folks at Primrose who truly do care about their kids. For the 1st time today (on a Monday to boot!) - my girl did not 'protest' when I left her! Yay! (Delise calls it her 'protest' when she cries and cries...) Thank you Primrose and everyone there.....

    Jenifer Z.


  • Primrose School of Littleton has been an excellent child care provider for our son. Before choosing Primrose Schools we interviewed three comparable child care providers that focus on early education and are accredited by a third party agency. Primrose's security protocols, low staff turnover, daily structure, small class sizes, clean facility, balanced curriculum and friendly staff made Primrose Littleton a clear front runner. Since enrolling our son 2 years ago we have noticed remarkable advancements in language and social skill development. Every morning we are greeted by familiar faces, warm personalities and a supportive staff. We know that when we drop our son off he is safe and in an environment that he is comfortable in. We couldn’t be more impressed with our decision to choose Primrose School of Littleton. We highly recommend the Primrose Schools to any parent that shares similar ambitions as ours for their children.

    Nathan M.


  • What's not to love about Primrose? The people are amazing and a great part to what makes Primrose so special. The staff -- from the chef to the classroom teachers -- all deeply care about the children, and the feeling is mutual as the kids are always popping their heads in other classrooms to make a point of saying hello to a teacher. We have had experiences with other daycare brands, but Primrose is by far the best. The curriculum is very creative and incorporates music, art, math and language. My children can speak some Spanish, they have learned about other cultures and traditions, they love to sing the songs about the days of the week, numbers, colors -- which helps them remember certain things. I wouldn't take my kids anywhere else, because I know they will receive an incredible education and experience in a very safe and loving environment.

    Candace F.