Primrose School of Legacy

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose does an excellent job of creating a nurturing environment in every aspect of a daycare. Procare is one of our favorite features that puts Primrose above all other facilities we visited. Each morning we drop her off, we know she is in a safe and clean environment that will assist in her early development, and that means everything to us.

    Galen H


  • Ownership and staff feel the well being of my child is paramount. Great communication as well!

    Scott G


  • Our experience has been incredible at The Primrose School of Legacy. The staff continually go above and beyond for their students. I’ve always been impressed with how knowledgeable these little kids can be at such an early age, and that’s a testament to the staff for working day after day with our girls. Couldn’t be happier with the decision we made 7 years ago, and again 3 years ago to send them here.

    Ed & Lindsey B


  • We have been at Primrose since 2014 and it has been the best thing for our family! The staff/teachers are always wonderful and our girls have learned so much from their curriculum - it truly is an amazing culture to be part of!

    Kristy T


  • Both of our boys have attended Primrose since infancy, and we absolutely know that the influences from their teachers at every stage of life have directly improved their readiness for school once kindergarten began. We have always loved Primrose and the staff involved. They are continuously engaged in their development and genuinely invested in our children’s well being. I would absolutely recommend Primrose to any parent looking for a child care center from birth through PreK.

    Jeremy T


  • My daughter started primrose just after her first birthday. Prior to her enrollment, we had a nanny who would come to our house. Though our daughter was developmentally on track, we had no idea the impact Primrose teachers and students would have on her social, emotional, and academic success. She is thriving and wakes up talking about school. Now that she is three, we hear language and have discussions at home that shows how much she is grasping outside of the practice we do together. Our daughter is safe, healthy, and happy at Primrose—all three of the most important aspects in caring for her. We love this school.

    Anna G


  • We have been impressed with everything here. The teachers treat everyone with kindness and respect. And I can see these kids learning and growing. Stella really loves it here!

    John B


  • The Skibinski’s heart Primrose! We have consistently been impressed with the family-like atmosphere since our daughters began attending Primrose about a year ago! My husband and I can focus on our jobs and not worry about our girls because of the fabulous staff at Legacy Primrose! They take extra efforts each and every day to make the girls’ days the best they can be. Such small gestures go a long way. From Happy Grams, to waving good-bye by the windows, high-fives and sweet hugs. We can't say enough positive things about Primrose and are excited to watch our children grow each day!

    Jenn Skibinski


  • My son started at Primrose School of Legacy the day they opened, one week before his first birthday. Our family finished seven years later when my daughter graduated from the private kindergarten. Our experience was only positive and we have great memories. Primrose helped to instill a love for learning both in the classroom and out in both of my children. They entered grade school educationally and socially ready to succeed. They had confidence in the classroom and a maturity that helped them in the transition to grade school. I am grateful to all the trusted, compassionate adults that help teach my children. It really is a notch above other educational child care facilities. We heart Primrose!

    Christine K.


  • As a single parent, it was extremely important to me to find a program that exposed my son to a superior learning experience in a nurturing environment. I cannot say enough about the wonderful educational and social experiences we have had with Primrose. The Legacy center is in an extremely safe and convenient location and the facility is always well maintained and kept very clean. The fact that they provide nutritious meals and healthy snacks are additional benefits to their program. All of these factors have helped me feel comfortable with my daycare, pre-school and pre-kindergarten choice.



  • Primrose has been the best choice for our family. We started with a Primrose in Minnesota. We were thrilled we could continue with the Primrose experience at Primrose School of Legacy when we moved to Nebraska. Our girls thrive in the environment with the fun curriculum, great environment and fantastic staff. When our four year old met with the public school staff for kindergarten screening, they were very impressed by not only her academics, but also her social skills. We attribute this to the Primrose experience. I would highly recommend Primrose to any family. Thank you!



  • We have been part of Primrose since 2009. Our oldest boy is in the Explorers class and our youngest boy is in Preschool 1. We could not be happier with a school for our boys. From the front office to the teachers, the staff has been wonderful to work with and get to know over the years. Our boys have learned so much from the curriculum and have had a blast doing it. You know you picked the right place when your children don't want to go home at night because they are having so much fun and the teachers are so nice! The old saying is that it takes a village to raise a child, and Primrose has been a key part of that village! Thanks for everything!!!

    Holly S.