Primrose School of League City at South Shore

Parent Testimonials

  • Starting in 1990 and the following years I cared for children in different environments and daycares here in the US and other countries. Working for Primrose is a great pleasure and a privilege that not everyone gets to have. First of all, the owners and directors show an incredible care for children and teachers as well. They are the most amazing people you would ever hope to work with. They are loving, caring, passionate and dedicated persons. The place where we work is a very clean and fantastic environment, which helps us do our jobs as teachers and the children are able to get a good education. The food is high quality and timely disclosed and at the right temperature for children. Activities are well organized and make us feel like a family. I enjoy working for Primrose and being part of such a caring and friendly group of individuals.



  • Since enrolling in Primrose School, my children have excelled greatly and really enjoy learning. I have been very pleased with Primrose and look forward to an exceptional future relationship!

    Sheena W.


  • My son loves the after school program as well as the summer program. I love that he continues to learn throughout the entire year.

    Lauren C.


  • Adam had not been in any childcare outside the home until we enrolled him at Primrose. His teachers made this transition very smooth for him...he smiles when we go into his classroom! The entire staff is warm and friendly. So blessed that we found such a wonderful school!

    Melissa R.


  • I love sending my son to Primrose. He is so excited when we pull into the parking lot. It makes going to work easy and enjoyable knowing that he is so happy and well taken care of.

    Brandy J.


  • Our son, Jake, has been at Primrose since he was 11 weeks old. He now attends a dual language(Spanish) Kindergarten program at Stewart and goes to Primrose for after school instruction and care. We recently received Jake's test results for entry into the gifted and talented program at Stewart, and he scored in the upper 90 percentiles in almost every test. We believe that his ongoing academic success is directly related to the excellent educational instruction he has received while at Primrose as well as the extremely hard work put in by his teachers at Stewart. From the language development curriculum starting in the older infant class (where he learned some sign language!) to the advanced instruction in science, math, reading and writing to learning Spanish and appreciating the arts, Primrose provides a truly outstanding educational experience. Jake loves school, and his success makes us so very happy. In addition to educational excellence, Primrose also has provided our son with a warm, nurturing environment in which he has learned wonderful social skills and made life-long friends. Thank you Primrose!

    Deb P. and Jack F.