Primrose School of Lawrenceville North

Parent Testimonials

  • We love Primrose because the teachers and staff are fabulous, my son never wants to leave and everyone there has played a huge part in my son's education! -Lynsey Walimaa, Lawrenceville, Georgia

    Lynsey W.


  • After our child spent several struggling months in the public school system, we decided to enroll her in the Kindergarten program at the Primrose School of Lawrenceville North. Due to their low teacher child ratio, experienced staff, and curriculum, she excelled beyond belief in all areas. We have been so pleased with our daughter’s educational experience and the personal attention we receive from their staff. We could not resist but to have her attend another year for the first grade program. Thank you Primrose School of Lawrenceville North! Our daughter’s self-confidence and love for learning that she has developed in your program, is a foundation that will help her throughout her duration. - Chris & Brooke Webb, Buford, Georgia

    Chris & Brooke W.


  • My daughter loves it there! That says it all. The fact that she looks forward to going there every morning and is excited to tell me all about what she learned throughout the day when I pick her up in the evenings, makes me feel confident that she is at the right place. The administrative staff is very attentive and always available and the teachers are very loving and caring. My daughter has grown so much there intellectually and emotionally. Thank you Primrose for providing an environment where I feel safe to leave my most prized possession! - Myra Bandoo "

    Bandoo M.


  • We like everything that Primrose has to offer. Everyone has been very helpful since Jax’s father was deployed. They are great with potty training, teaching math, language and much more! – Amanda Piggott

    Amanda P.


  • We are very impressed with the curriculum. Lala is identifying numbers and she loves coming to school. We can see her academic growth every year. We appreciate the staff and nurturing environment. – Ms. Wright

    Shanda W.


  • Our family has been pleased with the progress our daughter has made since attending Primrose. Teachers and staff have been supportive and instrumental in the education and development of our young one. In addition, our eldest daughter attended Primrose Summer Camp and enjoyed several educational field trips that have enriched her life as well. Thank you Primrose for a first class early education – Wesley & Toneka Etienne

    Wesley & Toneka E.