Primrose School of Lassiter

Parent Testimonials

  • My child started at Primrose right before she turned one. I was a little scared for her to go to an all day school, since she had been at home with me the whole time. The Director, Ms. Patsy, made us feel so welcome. There isn't a day that goes by that my child doesn't run to say hello or goodbye to her. The teachers are special souls. It's hard to work with a class of toddlers. They made it seem fun and loving. The singing, arts and crafts, and games made the learning a fun pastime instead of a classroom experience. The best part, each day that my child missed, she would tell me, My teachers are really going to miss me. I think that says it all! If that's how she feels, she feels love!

    Nikole E.


  • We have been going to Primrose of Lassiter for almost 9 years. After our first son turned two and our daughter was born there was no doubt where she would go for daycare/preschool. Our third child is now taking his turn at Primrose where the staff and curriculum are second to none!

    Steven D.


  • We've really enjoyed watching our baby girl grow and learn through Primrose school. She has many friends, and loves her school, teacher and classroom. We can't imagine being anywhere else!

    Nick G.


  • Primrose has been part of our lives since my daughter was an infant. The love the staff shows for teaching and caring goes beyond expectations. I feel very confident my daughter is learning and exploring every day with her friends and teachers. We are very thankful to be part of the Primrose family and I sincerely thank each of them for the hard work they do everyday!

    Jessica D.


  • Our son has been enrolled at Primrose Lassiter since he was 3 months old. They have such caring teachers and really work with the kids to help them learn while at the same time providing a safe and nurturing environment. Our son was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and the whole staff was so understanding and thoughtful throughout his entire treatment. We are so grateful to the entire Primrose staff and can never thank them enough for the care they have provided for our boy.



  • We have enjoyed being part of the Primrose family and our 2nd daughter will be joining shortly! Katie has excelled and the teachers and staff are wonderful to the kids. She comes home happy each day and if there is dirt all over her shirt and in her hair, then I know they had a good day of play. ;)

    Beth C.