Primrose School of Lake Wylie

Parent Testimonials

  • I just want you all to know what a difference the past week has been. Your school is a breath of fresh air from what we have been experiencing the past year. I feel so guilty for not moving Connor sooner. I can’t even begin to tell you the differences because I would be here all day, but they are all positive. The best compliment that I can give you to pass on to the staff and Connor’ s wonderful teachers is this……. Connor told me the other day, “Mommy, I really like my new school!” He has not said how much he likes school since we moved here last year. He absolutely loved it in Florida. He even told me this morning with the 2 our delay Primrose had, “Mommy, come on, I am going to be late to school!” The environment at Primrose is clearly much more healthy for him than at the previous child care. For that, I thank all of you.

    Kelly O.


  • I cannot express in words how wonderful Primrose has been for my son, we have seen such a positive change in his demeanor. He is singing songs he learned in school, counting everything he can: toys, markers, cars, everything! He is excited to go to school every morning, and is even sad on the weekends when he finds out he doesn't have to go. As a full-time working mother, it is hard to find a child care center where you fully trust you child is in good hands. I have to say I do not have any worries with Primrose, it's a great feeling going to work and knowing your child is in hands that truly care and love their job. The whole entire staff is GREAT!! The teachers are wonderful and are actually teaching. I cannot say thank you enough, I highly recommend Primrose to everyone!! Truly a great school. Jennifer G.

    Jennifer G.


  • We started attending Primrose 6 months ago after the previous facility was not meeting our needs. We were looking for a school that could provide a nurturing and caring environment that was also educational. The moment we entered Primrose we noticed that EVERYONE was friendly and the environment was clean and neat. In the classroom the teachers were also friendly and actively engaged with the students. The students are always involved in an activity and not running around in chaos. The teachers really care about the students and take the time to personalize the education including addressing developmental emotional and behavioral issues. My son came to Primrose frustrated and "turned off" from learning but now he is learning and he has learned so much since coming to Primrose. He is usually happy to come to school and he and his teachers report that he has "awesome" days. I am so disappointed that we did not switch to Primrose sooner!



  • My family and I came to Primrose after 2 rough experiences with other daycares in the area. My then almost 2 year old was the first to be enrolled. At her previous school we would sign 1-3 accident reports a day from children biting her and just acting in an uncontrolled manner. I understand biting happens at that age, but the frequency and severity were concerning. Since Evelyn enrolled at Primrose we have really noticed such wonderful changes in her. Most importantly she has not been bitten and I know the caring and attentive staff at Primrose is the reason for that. She has also blossomed into such a talkative and social little girl. Even her teachers are amazed with her progress and comment weekly. I thoroughly enjoy the drive home listening to all the stories about her new friends My now 6 year old, Natalie, is enrolled for the summer camp. Her first experience at summer camp the year before was horrible. The school, which is just down the street from primrose, would transport the kids unsafely to all field trips. For example, they would place 10-15 kids in a 7 passenger van without proper restraints. Needless to say I was on alert and paying very close attention to Primrose. I am thoroughly impressed with how much her teachers care for her well being, the quality of the field trips and the quality of the education she has been receiving this summer. I definitely recommend Primrose to all parents and am so glad that I was able to find a school that is really perfect for my family.

    Sara H.


  • My son started at Primrose when he was 4 years old in Pre-k class. The transition was so easy and did not have any hard time for my son. He in fact started liking his new school from Day 1. The staff at Primrose Center are very friendly. Everything I've seen from the staff has been great. The compassion they show makes me feel like my child is in good hands at Primrose. They have a wonderful nutritious lunch program. I am very happy and satisfied with their curriculum. The class teacher would give daily updates of my son's activities and his educational performance. I will be sad when my son will leave Primrose in next few weeks to attend his kindergarten. He is going to miss the awesome teachers he has, but I know that with the care and teaching he is getting in this school now, he will be quite prepared for what is to come in his future. I have also enrolled my 2 year old in the early preschool class. It has been a month since she started there and she loves it. Though it's her first time being at the day care - she loves the place, teacher and her friends. She always has a smiling and happy face when I drop her at the school. I would highly recommend Primrose to anyone looking for a bright start for their children.

    Sravanthi R.


  • I cannot begin to tell you how great Primrose Lake Wylie at Steel Creek has been for our family. Before having a child I heard nightmare stories about daycares and how I wouldn't want to choose that for my child because it seemed so 'sterile'. Well, I'm here to tell you, from day #1 of dropping our daughter off at 12-weeks old, I have never felt more comfortable. The staff goes out of their way to let you know that your little one is taken care and even makes an effort to take pictures and document the little things that go on during the day so you're not feeling left out. Our daughter gets a huge smile on her face when she sees her teachers in the morning and that makes Mommy and Daddy smile too. From the art they do with the kids, to the individual attention they provide, I tell everyone I know just how much we love her school!

    DeAnna S.