Primrose School at Johns Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose Johns Creek is everything we had hoped for in child care for our daughter. As new parents, moving to a new area we were overwhelmed with the thought of choosing the perfect place for our precious little one. After visiting MULTIPLE schools and feeling "just okay" we decided to try one more, Primrose Johns Creek. This decision was the best decision we could have made. We knew Primrose Johns Creek was the place for not only our daughter, but for us as a family, the minute we went in and visited with the infant room teachers. There is a love, passion and knowledge for teaching little ones that exudes from the minute you walk in. For the first time, we weren't "just okay" with a school, we were thrilled with the owners, teachers and staff at Primrose Johns Creek! We enrolled our daughter at 5 months of age and began to watch her blossom and grow from the minute she entered! In the infant room she began learning to sign immediately, which allowed her to communicate at a very early age. We were amazed to watch her learn and develop daily. Her coordination, communication, knowledge base and personality developed rapidly. She was also able to develop friendships with other students in her class that she has been able to continue to nurture in the Young Toddler room. After an AMAZING experience in the infant room we were a bit anxious to move to the next classroom, but it didn't take long for us to realize that the professionalism, passion and love of Primrose Johns Creek doesn't stop in one classroom, it is truly a philosophy of the school. We couldn't be more excited to continue to watch our now 18 month old grow and develop intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally at Primrose Johns Creek. We are amazed by the attention to detail, the friendliness and professionalism of teachers and staff and the willingness to listen to any concerns or questions we may have as parents. Feeling comfortable with where our daughter is enrolled in school was paramount for us and we couldn't be happier with our decision to choose Primrose Johns Creek!



  • My son started at Primrose when he was 20 months old. He then went up through several classes and then to the Private Pre-Kindergarten class. He is now in 4th grade in the Afterschool and Summer Camp programs. I have always been very satisfied with the care and attention he has received and the quality of the teachers and staff. The Private Pre-Kindergarten class was fantastic and he was thoroughly prepared for first grade. He is now in a gifted program and I feel that Primrose helped give him a solid foundation for school. The Afterschool program that he now attends is well run. When I pick him up he has done his homework, played, and had a snack! He has enjoyed the Summer Camps and each year looks forward to checking out the calendar and his favorite field trips. I feel very comfortable recommending Primrose to any parent!



  • Our family has been with Primrose since our daughter was 10 weeks old. Since that time, we have had nothing but positive experiences with the administration staff, as well as our daughter's teachers. From the time our daughter was in the infant room until now, we have been thrilled with her teacher's commitment to fostering developmental skills and we enjoy hearing stories about what our daughter is doing in the classroom. The passion of the teachers and staff is obvious when they talk to parents about their children. Because of these experiences and more, we plan to keep our daughter enrolled in Primrose until kindergarten.



  • At the end of my maternity leave I had so much anxiety about sending my child for care during the day. However that all changed when I took a tour of Primrose at Johns Creek. The staff was so accommodating and thorough when answering our questions. My husband and I loved the educational approach to their curriculum, even with the infant class. And that's just the beginning. The infant teachers are FANTASTIC! I can't rave enough about them. They are so knowledgeable and make you feel like family. They do their best to understand your needs and wants and getting to know you and your child. They are very hands on with every student there and take pride in helping them develop and reach their milestones. After attending for only 2 months, I can see a difference in my daughter's skills as she continues to learn everyday. I urge you to check out Primrose! My husband and I are so happy with the choice we made!



  • From the moment that we stepped inside Primrose Johns Creek, we knew that it would be the perfect match for our new family. The owner and director greeted us with a smile when we arrived and were extremely knowledgeable about the school, the curriculum, and took plenty of time to explain their family-friendly and educational approach to child care. Our son started at Primrose Johns Creek when he was 12 weeks old and we haven't looked back since. To say that the teachers in the infant room are phenomenal is an understatement. They made us feel like family, loved our son as if he were their own, kept us in the loop regarding what was going on every day, and had a true love of teaching and learning. The physical and intellectual development that is present in every activity makes us feel great about the choice we made to join the Primrose Johns Creek family. Even now that we have transitioned on to the toddler classroom, the teachers there are just as fabulous! We receive daily reports of the educational activities that go on each day and our son has made great strides in his development over the past year and a half. We are so happy that we are a part of the Primrose Johns Creek family - not only for the educational value that it brings to our son's life, but to the friendships and memories that he's made and will carry with him for years to come.