Primrose School at Holly Grove

Parent Testimonials

  • We had to switch Jackson to the Primrose School at Holly Grove after my husband's job changed. We are lucky that the school is located right outside of our neighborhood, so proximity and convenience were our first reasons for choosing Primrose. However, after getting to know the owner, staff, and teachers, we have come to absolutely LOVE Primrose for many reasons. I am completely confident that the curriculum my son is getting in the pre-kindergarten classroom. He is going to be MORE than prepared for kindergarten in our public schools (I have a third grader, too). But the welcoming atmosphere at Primrose is what makes us love it the most. All of the teachers and staff members there know our son and our family. We are consistently greeted with a smile and conversation. No one ever makes us feel that they do not have time for us. Jackson truly adores all of the adults he interacts with during the day. Their positive behavior focus ensures that Jackson is learning social skills that will help him be successful throughout life. He comes home at the end of the day smiling with stories to tell about his day--and I never feel that he hasn't had a fulfilling day. We have recommended Primrose to many friends and will continue to do so. We are so thankful to have the Primrose School @ Holly Grove as the start of Jackson's school career.

    Amy P.


  • We heart Primrose! We moved to North Carolina 3 years ago and our daughter started at the Primrose of West Lake in the EPS classroom and this year she moved to the Primrose Holly Grove School also owned by Rhonda and Elliott Blades. She just graduated PreK and will attend the Primrose Private Kindergarten in September. What your child receives as a Primrose friend is beyond just education, they learn about nurturing, friendships, music and art appreciation, kindness and so much more! They help to build a strong foundation of learning that is unparalleled in our opinion to any other preschool.

    Paulette P.


  • We continue to be amazed by Primrose of Holly Grove. When making a decision on a preschool, important factors for me included education of the teachers, curriculum they are teaching, FUN-factor, safe and clean school, and healthy meals. Well, they have exceeded our expectations on all of the above. My son comes home and talks positively about his school day! He adores his teachers and loves getting a sticker each day when we leave. I can't believe how quickly he is learning to be a good little student and APPLYING the knowledge he is learning. We trust Primrose.

    Katie T.


  • We had the perfect experience at Primrose Holly Grove. All of the teachers and staff helped to provide my son with the best possible learning environment. He flourished in the warm, caring, and educational atmosphere provided on a daily basis. He was very well prepared for the kindergarten year both socially and academically. I can't say enough good things about the school and the curriculum.

    Lisa S.


  • Our daughter, Kayden has been a student at Primrose since she was three months old. As a new mother, I wanted to make sure my ""little sunshine"" received the best care and love that was offered. The decision was easy once the Primrose curriculum was compared to the other daycare facilities in my area. I have been thoroughly pleased with Rhonda and Elliot, the teaching and administrative staff and the growth and development of my child. The step by step program from infancy to private kindergarten is noteworthy. Here are a few highlights: * Learning sign language for early toddler communication * Potty training progression in early pre-school * Writing the child’s name and reciting the pledge allegiance in preparation of kindergarten Kayden is now in the Pre-K 1 classroom. My husband and I are very excited about the new school year. The educational program that is provided has been exhibited in the advancement and the actions displayed by Kayden. The experience has been superior and exceptional and I highly recommend the school.

    Karen T.


  • We have two boys who attend Primrose of Holly Grove. We cannot recommend this school with greater enthusiasm or confidence. Our experience has been and continues to be a remarkable one. Every member of the Primrose HG staff is committed to providing excellent care for our children and support for parents. For instance, on any given day while walking through the halls, teachers from other classes will speak to you and call your child by name! How encouraging!! We honestly know our children are being cared for, loved and offered an amazing education to prepare them academically and socially for the years ahead.

    Becki L.