Exterior of a Primrose School of Hixson

Primrose School of Hixson

Parent Testimonials

  • When my husband and I became foster parents 2 years ago, we had to find a daycare that accepted state payment and would be able to accommodate our foster children. I had to decide on whether I wanted the children near our home or where I worked. I had already toured Primrose and felt the curriculum would suit the children that could potentially come into our home. When the phone call came for placement, there was availability for our 2 foster children. The staff at Primrose Hixson immediately loved on our 3 1/2 year old boy and 6 week old baby girl. They answered my first time mom questions without making me feel stupid and welcomed our family. We welcomed their sister about a year later and they wrapped their arms around her too. With our fostering almost complete and adoption into our home, I am so thankful for Primrose and how they have helped our family. From where our son was when we brought him home to where he is today is partly because of the primrose environment. Even though we are not sure if we will remain in the area, we are so thankful for the primrose experience. This isn't just a daycare but extended family to our children and we thank you.

    Angie S.


  • Primrose has done amazing things for our daughter, Stella. She absolutely LOVES going to school and cannot stop talking about it! And most of the time, whenever we drop her off at school, she runs to her teachers with a huge smile on her face. She just waves good-bye to Mommy and Daddy, as if to say: "It's school time for me now, Mommy and Daddy are going to work." The fact that she is so comfortable at school is a true testament to the staff and positive environment they create. It gives us such peace of mind while we're at work - we know that she is learning so much and having a blast. And Stella was able to grasp potty training in just 1 week - wow! We would have never imagined it would be that easy with her. We look forward to enrolling our 2nd child (due date in 3 weeks) in Primrose in the near future. Keep up the great work!

    Connie S.


  • I have been a part of the Primrose family not only as a parent but also as an employee for almost 12 years. I have 4 children of my own and they all have attended Primrose. The curriculum is fantastic. The children learn so much even as infants and by the time they leave pre-k they can write, spell, do simple math and read some sight words not to mention they also learn plenty of spanish. I recommend Primrose to every parent I know. They learn in a happy, fun loving, structured environment and as a parent that means the world to me. I enjoy working at the school because I feel as if I am not only taking care of children and loving them but I am teaching them as well. We have a wonderful staff and management team who all care about the day to day well being of children and Primrose offers so many trainings to help ensure that we can provide the best care out there! If you are not a parent yet you should strongly consider it. It will make a world of difference for your child.

    Jessica T.


  • We love Primrose! We are amazed each day when Audrey comes home and shares with us the new things she has learned. The level of care and the amazing teachers is phenomenal. It is nice not having to worry about the care she is receiving while she is at Primrose. I highly recommend this school to all of our friends!

    Susan H.


  • I am grateful for the level of care my daughter receives at Primrose. I am happy to know that she enjoys her classroom and love seeing how much she is learning. We practice our sign language at home and enjoy singing along with the Music Class cd in the car. Thank you for all that you do each day for my little girl.

    Seneca B.


  • When I started with Primrose, I was a part-time employee in the young infant classroom. Since then, I have grown not only professionally but personally as well. I have been given the opportunity to work with so many wonderful families throughout my years at Primrose. I love that I can be confident in knowing that I have helped shape and prepare so many children for academic success, and that I could be part of a program that can truly say we are The Leader in Educational Child Care.