Primrose School of Hilburn

Parent Testimonials

  • When we made the choice to move to Primrose two years ago, our first was starting kindergarten and our second was a young toddler (2). We previously spent four years at another day care center, and were pleased with the care our oldest son received there. But thought, since we now only had one in day care, we could 'afford' to make the move. We were immediately impressed with the professionalism of the teachers and staff, their level of communication and their love/investment in our son. He really has loved each class he has been a part of. Further, in the two years we have seen great consistency in staff. That tells me that teachers love working there - and that speaks volumes. In January 2011, we welcomed a baby girl to our family! When we weighed the pros and cons of having two of our children enrolled, we just kept coming back to the same fact. Primrose really is the best place for our kids. It is a sacrifice, but one we are willing to make because of the quality of care they receive each day. We don't have plans to leave until our baby is off to kindergarten! If you make the choice to enroll your child, you won't be sorry!

    Mary C.


  • We've been going to Primrose since our son was 6 months old. By the time he was 1, he was counting to 10 and starting to say his ABCs! As a parent, you want to know that your child is in good hands while you are away from them. With Primrose, I don't worry one second that my child isn't being cared for, nurtured, loved, and educated each and every day. The staff is like a second family for my son and he genuinely likes to "go to school" each day. I'm so thankful we found the right fit for our family.



  • We’re pretty sure our son, Graham, thinks he’s the President of Primrose, or at least the mayor. Upon arrival and departure each day, he makes sure to say hi to the rooster perched on the roof, wave to all teachers and parents in the hallway and politely ask “did you have a good day?” As much as we, his naturally extroverted parents, would like to take credit for this, we know that his dedicated Primrose teachers deserve a large chunk of credit for nurturing him into the happy, social toddler he is today. Like many parents, we felt the pang of guilt when we decided to enroll him in school at the age of six months. Is this a mistake? Should one of us just quit work and stay home? But those feelings of uncertainty diminished with each new milestone Graham achieved - from babbling b’s, learning to use a spoon, solving puzzles, to interacting with his new friends. They are all milestones he would have eventually reached, but we’re certain he reached them faster because of his knowledgeable teachers. Each week he surprises us with new gestures and phrases - quite simply, we’re amazed. So, thank you Primrose for giving Graham the confidence to be a happy little boy and for giving us the peace of mind to leave him with you each morning. And, if you could just keep letting him think he’s the president, we’d appreciate it.

    Laura E.


  • Primrose has been a breath of fresh air for my family. Our 3 year old son was in home daycares and other childcare centers prior to attending here. Primrose is dedicated to the overall well-being and education of children. The teachers are knowledgeable and caring. Our son has made friends here and he looks forward to going to school. We feel so lucky to have Primrose in our lives!

    Natalie H.


  • My family and I moved to NC 4 years ago and immediately found Primrose! With my first child, she was home with me until 4 months old and with family until 9 months old before moving to NC. With my second child I was more than comfortable sending her to school at 4 months. Primrose has become the immediate family and support system that our family needed since all of our actual family was still located up north. We are very grateful we have found such a wonderful place for our daughters to learn and grow!

    Sonia and Chris


  • We've had our 3 boys enrolled at Primrose as infants, and we have been thrilled with the care and education they've received in every class! The teachers are excellent; they take such good care of the children and provide them with such a strong basis for kindergarten. We couldn't be happier at Primrose! Thank you!!

    Leslie T.