Primrose School of Highland Village

Our Staff

  • Wendy Ghattas, Executive Director

    Wendy Ghattas

    Executive Director

    Mrs. Ghattas, oversees, supports and leads her team, with over 20 years of Director experience. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts, was an Artist in Residency for 3 years, and was an educator from pre-school through college age students. You will find her engaged with the students in the classrooms, as she loves to sing the "I had a little turtle" song; digging and planting in the Primrose Garden with the students and even in the kitchen, ensuring that the menu is fresh and wholesome and using as many organic food items, as possible. When she is outside on the playground, you will probably see her running with the children or engaging them in climbing and doing chin-ups, all while she is in her heels! Mrs. Ghattas is a very hands on owner and loves interacting with her staff, students and parents. Come by and meet our owner and experience, first hand, her genuine passion for early childhood education and her love for children.

  • Alison Morris-Rucker, Director

    Alison Morris-Rucker


    My name is Alison Morris-Rucker, I was born and raised in the U.K, but moved to the U.S.A in 96’. I lived in 3 states on the East coast before moving to Texas 3 years ago. My experience in working with children varies from infant age through adolescence and includes being a Nanny for American families both in Belgium as well as in Greenwich, CT. I have also had the experience of running my own home daycare and being the Director of the Children’s ministry for a church in Virginia. I have an A.A.S degree in Early Childhood Development and a B.S degree in Child Development. I am very passionate about the development of young children and intrigued by their learning abilities in those early childhood years. My favorite food includes French and Indian cuisine. My favorite weekend activity is cycling, spending time with my family and visiting new places. I have several favorite children's books including; Llama Llama Misses Mama from the LLama LLama series by Anna Dewdney, The Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and The Napping House by Audrey Wood. I’m looking forward to building new relationships and providing a happy and quality experience for the families I serve.

  • Victoria Ward, Assistant Director

    Victoria Ward

    Assistant Director

    Hello, my name is Victoria Ward. I am from Elgin, TX and I am currently studying at UNT to gain a Human Development and Family Science degree. I have worked in child care for 6 years and have always held a leadership position in care centers. My favorite food is pepperoni pizza. My favorite weekend activity is to travel to different cities in Texas with friends. My favorite children's book is Red Fish, Blue Fish. I am most excited about learning my new position and achieving various goals for the school.


    Victoria Ward

  • Avril Sabharwal, Curriculum Director

    Avril Sabharwal

    Curriculum Director
  • Laura Bloemker, Assistant Director

    Laura Bloemker

    Assistant Director

    Hello Primrose Families! My name is Ms. Laura (aka Lala), and I live in Denton with my party of five. My husband is Chad and we have three kiddos, Lou(18), Liam(10), and Eleanor(6) and all three have been Primrose kiddos from diapers to diplomas! I’m old school and have been with the Primrose family since 2000 and at Highland Village since ’08. I loved teaching (still do!) and have adored getting to know all the littles and their families that have come through my class year after year, and since I have moved from the Preschool classroom to the Management Team as Assistant Director I've been able to get to know everyone in ALL our classrooms! Working in the Land of the Littles is always an adventure, and I have yet to tire of seeing what new adventures will unfold with each new day.

    Much love and happy learning to all, always!

  • Shobha Goyal, Infant Teacher

    Shobha Goyal

    Infant Teacher

    Hello, my name is Mrs. Shobha. My husband and I moved to the US in 1998. We moved to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area in 2002. Since then, I joined the child care industry. I have been working in child care for about 18+ years. I am very happy to be working with children. I am proud and lucky to be a part of this Primrose Highland Village family!

    I can’t wait to learn more about you and your family.

    Hometown: India

    Child care experience: 18+ years

    Favorite food: All and veggies!

    Favorite weekend activity: Watching movies

    Favorite children’s book: Small story book

    What I’m most excited about this school year: Watching the children learn and grow!

  • Deidre Dowdy, Infant Teacher

    Deidre Dowdy

    Infant Teacher
    Apple of Our Eye
  • Jo Free

    Infant Teacher

    Hello, my name is : Hazel Jo Free, but your children know me by Jo.

    Hometown: I grew up in a military family , traveling all over the world. I often thought the backseat of my dad's Cadillac was home. My parents were 4th generation Texan but I was born in Holyoke Mass. My husband and I have lived in Highland Village for the last 28 years-- so I guess this is home.

    Education : Kilgore College, University of Arizona, Colorado College, Arizona State University

    Child care experience: Child care facility for special needs children Tucson Arizona, Chippewa Co-op Daycare Midland Michigan, home schooled grandson (grades 6-10th), Primrose schools 3 years.

    Favorite food: watermelon, (any fruit or cheese) I am unfortunately gluten-free these days.

    Favorite weekend activity : I have bluebird boxes in my yard which I care for in the spring and early summer. I love gardening, walking, birding and community activities.

    Favorite children’s book: early childhood: Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? I personally love The Tale of Despereaux or The Secret Garden.

    What I’m most excited about this school year: I undoubtedly have the very best class. It is a wonder and a pleasure to watch each child grow and develop and I am equally blessed to be a part of that journey.

  • Salima Ahmed, Infant Teacher

    Salima Ahmed

    Infant Teacher

    Hello, my name is: Salima Ahmed

    Hometown: Bangladesh

    Education: Master’s in Child Development & Family Relations from Bangladesh.

    Child care experience: I used to work as a certified Level 3 Early childhood educator in Canada. I worked with infant, toddler & pre-school kids in many day cares for 3 years. Then, I immigrated to the USA & started working in a daycare from Jan.2020. Child care is my passion because I love children very much.

    Favorite food: Spaghetti

    Favorite weekend activity: Cooking & Talking to my friends & relatives.

    Favorite children’s book: La La LIamas

    What I’m most excited about this school year: I am excited this year because I love assisting and nurturing the infants in their beginning language skills.

  • Audrey Armuth, Young Toddler Teacher

    Audrey Armuth

    Young Toddler Teacher

    Hello, my name is: Audrey Armuth

    Hometown: Lafayette, Indiana

    Education : State Certification in Expanded Functions Dental Assistant, 16 years

    Child care experience: 4 months- I started teaching here at Primrose School of Highland Village in the Young Toddler class as an assistant and then became Lead Teacher at the end of last year 2021. Changing my career into teaching children, I have had the opportunity to discover the learning development path that children go through with each stage of growth. The children in my class I have grown very close to and enjoy their charming unique personalities. Other experiences I have with children would be many years of babysitting in my younger years, chairside dental care with children, and now experience caring and parenting for my own two sweet boys Calvin (4 1/2 years) and Hudson (6 months).

    Favorite food: fajitas, pizza,

    Favorite weekend activity: relaxing!!! (when I can.. being a mom of 2...Emoji) Gardening outdoors with veggies and flowers. I love being outdoors! I enjoy spending time with family and loving on my boys!

    Favorite children’s book: I have many I enjoy, but I love the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

    What I’m most excited about this school year: I am excited to continue to teach my kiddos in my class and watch them grow and exceed in learning! And making it fun to come to school and learn!

  • Olivia Bloemker

    Support Staff
  • Madison Dudley, Assistant Early Preschool Teacher

    Madison Dudley

    Assistant Early Preschool Teacher
  • Hina Ayub, Teacher

    Hina Ayub


    Hello, my name is Hina Kanwal Ayub and I am the Early Preschool Lead Teacher. I have been working for the past 8 years with different age groups in different educational institutions. I have completed my MBA (HRM) from Preston University. I was born in Moscow (Russia) and lead my life in different countries and worked in different countries and where I gained my experience. I moved from California 7 years ago and currently live in Lantana with my sweet family. I was married seven years ago and have two children, a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter. I am very excited to join primrose school of Highland Village as a lead teacher. I am very honored to be part of a community that's helping children learn, grow and develop to their full potential. I am a huge believer in trying new things and working hard to achieve goals. Being a teacher is something I have always wanted to do, and I am so glad I finally have the opportunity to do so. I am a big food lover. I've traveled to different countries with my family and enjoyed all the different cuisines. (I love seafood). My favorite children's book is Chicka-Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault.

  • Jenna Phillips, Pathways Preschool Teacher

    Jenna Phillips

    Pathways Preschool Teacher

    Hello, my name is : Jenna Phillips, but your children know me by Ms. Jenna.


    Hometown: I grew up in Southern California all of my life and moved to Texas a couple of years ago. 


    Favorite food: Spaghetti and Meatballs made only by Mother-in-law, she makes homemade meatballs and they are AWESOME!


    Favorite weekend activity : Spending time with my family.


    Favorite children’s book: Skippyjon Jones by: Judith Bryon Schachner.


    What I’m most excited about this school year: I am excited to see the children learn, explore, and grow academically. 


  • Chelsea Yap, Lead Preschool Teacher

    Chelsea Yap

    Lead Preschool Teacher

    Hello, my name is : Chelsea Yap Hometown: Flower Mound, Texas Education : currently attending NCTC for a degree in child development Child care experience: Lead Teacher for 2 years, babysitting Favorite food: Tacos or Mac and cheese! Favorite weekend activity: I love spending time with my pet rabbit, Moose, and watching my favorite tv shows Favorite children’s book: skippyjohnjones but my favorite to read to a class is Foxy and Egg What I’m most excited about this school year: I am so excited to get to love all my new precious friends and watch them learn, grow, and have lots of fun together!  

  • April Roh, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    April Roh

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Hello, my name is : April Roh
    Hometown: Was born in Dallas, but grew up in Seattle! Moved back to Dallas a couple years ago.
    Education: Graduated in 2021 from UNT with a BS in Sociology and a BA in Journalism
    Child care experience: I taught children from ages 6mo to 17 how to swim as a swim instructor and volunteered at my church for summer school.
    Favorite food: I will never get tired of Pappadeaux.
    Favorite weekend activity: Spending time with my daughter, Lily and being outside!
    Favorite children’s book: Harold and the Purple Crayon
    What I’m most excited about this school year: I’m excited to see all of my students learn and grow. Being able to help and witness them develop academically and emotionally is a blessing. Can’t wait to see everything they’ll accomplish!
  • Christopher Umunna, Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Christopher Umunna

    Lead Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is : Christopher Umunna but your students know me as Mr. Chris!

    Hometown: I grew up in Rowlett, Texas, which is a little city in the DFW area and currently reside in Denton, TX! 

    Education : In May of 2022, I graduated from the University of North Texas with a B.A. in Radio and Media Arts

    Child care experience: Upper and Lower Montessori Elementary Schools along with being a student teacher at a public elementary school for two years!

    Favorite food: Chicken Wings will always hold a place in my heart

    Favorite weekend activity: I love playing tennis and painting in my free time!

    Favorite children’s book: If You Give A Mouse a Cookie!

    What I’m most excited about this school year: I am extremely excited for the journey me and these students will go on in the upcoming year! Aside from the wonderful things in the curriculum we will cover and the fun times we will have, I’m so eager to see what these students will teach me!


  • Victoria Manning, Assistant Teacher

    Victoria Manning

    Assistant Teacher
    Hello, my name is : Tori Manning, aka Ms. T
    Hometown: Sherman, Texas
    Education : Currently a college student at UNT
    Child care experience: I worked at a pre-school in the summer, but this is my first job as a teacher.
    Favorite food: Steak
    Favorite weekend activity: Being with friends and family
    Favorite children’s book: The Kissing Hand
    What I’m most excited about this school year: Getting to learn more about how to work with children and teaching kids for the first time! As well as helping the students grow and learn!
  • Kelvie Tennison, Assistant Teacher

    Kelvie Tennison

    Assistant Teacher
  • Kristen Murff, Kindergarten Teacher

    Kristen Murff

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Hello, my name is : Kristen Murff

    Hometown: Richardson, Tx

    Education : B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A&M University

    Child care experience: 29 years

    Favorite food: Mexican

    Favorite weekend activity: reading, listening to music and being in the sun

    Favorite children’s book: The Giving Tree

    What I’m most excited about this school year: Seeing how we all help each other learn and grow.. cultivating friendship, love and respect so we can be successful personally and help one another!!

    Thank you parents of Kindergarteners for enrolling your student in Primrose’s Private Kindergarten program. The curriculum is going to allow us lots of opportunities to work on language arts and math as well other subjects. The students will be interacting with print, and manipulatives during center time, whole group and small group to expand on what they already learned in PreK and also learn many new skills and concepts!

    I am so excited to spend time with your child and get to see them light up when they make a connection to something they are learning, and to delight in them as they have fun each day with their peers and with me.

    I grew up in Richardson. I graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in education(Interdisciplinary Studies). I have Texas Teaching Certificates in Math, reading, Language Arts, and Self-Contained classroom. I taught second grade for 2 years in Irving ISD and have 9 years of teaching experience teaching Prek and Kindergarten in the early childhood setting. I most recently taught at the Primrose of Kingwood in Houston where I taught Kindergarten for 2 years, and Pre K 1 last year. I look forward to providing a wonderfully nurturing and rich whole child development experience through purposeful play and differentiated, small group instruction here at Primrose of Highland Village!

  • Isabelle Hernandez

    Explorer Teacher

    Hometown: Plano, Texas

    Education: A semester in college with a major in psychology before I moved to Denton. This job is great experience for me!

    Child care Experience: Infant caretaker and currently Lead Explorers Teacher at Primrose

    Favorite Food: Orange chicken and white rice

    Favorite weekend activity: Listening to Live music

    Favorite children’s book: Any Dr. Suess book

    What I’m most excited about this year: Getting to know the children and making connections with them :)

  • Shaletha Brown, Explorer Teacher

    Shaletha Brown

    Explorer Teacher
  • Kelsey Parker

    Kitchen Manager
  • Bahia Alazawi

    Lead Teacher of Early Preschool
  • Rony and Wendy Ghattas, Franchise Owner

    Rony and Wendy Ghattas

    Franchise Owners

    We are so excited to be celebrating our 5th year of owning Primrose of Highland Village! It is amazing how quickly we have arrived at this anniversary and we thank the beautiful Highland Village and Flower Mound communities, who have welcomed us so warmly! My husband Rony, and I are proud parents of 2 Primrose Graduates, who are now 21 years old and 18 years old. We know first-hand, the advantage that Primrose programs deliver to the children, which is why we invested and committed ourselves to this franchise. We welcome you to our school and community. Come and be a part of our Primrose family of Highland Village.

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