Exterior of a Primrose School of Hidden Lakes

Primrose School at Hidden Lakes

Parent Testimonials

  • We know Primrose is the best fit for our family. We will forever be indebted to the K2 educator who taught my oldest daughter to read and her K3 educator who shared her love of learning. Our youngest daughter is in K1 now and is happy, healthy, and learning to make good choices and read/write and understand her world. The curriculum and methodology used at Primrose is top notch and that pleases me as an educator. The staff is loving and provides a safe environment for my children and that pleases me as a mother. Our family loves Primrose!



  • Our son went to Primrose from the time he was almost 2 until just after his 3rd birthday. I could not be more excited about how much his teachers cared for him, how they took a personal interest in teaching him and seeing grow and learn. The staff also called me by name when I dropped him off and picked him up. He loved going to school. If you are looking for a place to send your child, where they will loved, cared for, and educated, look no further. It's hard leaving a child in someone else's care. I'm so thankful my son was in good hands.

    Brandon H.


  • My daughter has attended Hidden Lakes Primrose since she was 8 weeks old. She is now two years old and continues to love Primrose. It's a great felling when I pick her up from school and she says, "Mom,I had a great day." I am thankful for all of the teachers, because they have made a positive impact in her life. The director, owner, and front office staff is caring, cheerful, organized and always available to answer questions. I know my daughter is in good hands when she is at Primrose.



  • We love this school!! Our son started here just before his 2nd birthday within the first couple of weeks we saw huge growth in his social skills speech. He loves going to school to play with his friends his teachers are wonderful. He is our first child they have helped tremendously with his potty training. He recently moved up a class, but still loves his old teacher so much that we often stop by her class on our way out so he can get a hug from her. The staff is very caring we have never had issues with being informed of accidents he may have had on the playground, or illness in other classrooms (in case they spread). We plan to keep our son here through kindergarten...we wish they went higher!!



  • My daughter has been going to Primrose since she was about 18 months old. I can not say enough wonderful things about all the fabulous teachers she has had over the years. All of the staff sincerely care about the kids. With Primrose's wonderful curriculum, my daughter did wonderful with kindergarten and seemed ahead with her reading and writing. She couldn't wait to go to Primrose every day during the summer since there was a different event planned daily. She loves going to the after school program now and it's such a blessing to have help with her homework when you are a working mom. I can't thank everyone enough at Primrose at Hidden Lakes enough for everything they have done over the years.

    Diane B.


  • Both of our sons have been "Primrose Kids" since they were 8 weeks old, and I have never had one day of regret or single thought about them being anywhere else. The staff are so caring, greeting me and my child by name each morning when we walk in the door, treating each of our boys as individuals, and knowing them almost as well as we do! I recommend without reservation Primrose Schools to everyone I meet who might be considering child care. One day awhile back I was driving my 4 year old son to Primrose for the morning and when we pulled into the parking lot I heard this unsolicited comment from the seat behind me as he stated out of the blue "Mom, I love my school!" That says it all!

    Mary W.