Primrose School of Hickory Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • We have been a Primrose Family for more than 11 years. We started at Hickory Creek when we enrolled our daughter, Charlotte, at 6 weeks old, and followed with our son, Evan. Both of our children are proud Primrose graduates. We have been so happy with Primrose over the years, and are thankful for the wonderful child care and academic start they have given both of our children. Even though we are now leaving the Primrose Family, we will continue to recommend the school -- and especially the Hickory Creek branch -- to other families. Thank you so much for loving our children and giving them the start they need to be successful!

    Carrie J.


  • I can't say enough good about Primrose of Hickory Creek! We moved here from Ohio and did not know anyone. I chose this school after talking to another mom who takes her son there. It was the BEST decision for our son. He loves his teachers so much and they are nurturing, caring, and so incredibly loving! I can relax and enjoy my day knowing he is in such good hands and having so much fun! Refreshing to see such caring people with such caring hearts!



  • Jackson has only attended Primrose Hickory Creek for a few weeks but I have honestly already noticed so many changes in our young man! Each day he impresses me with a new word he's learned and I find myself anxious to pick him up from school because he is always clean (thank you teachers!) and in a great mood from having so much fun with his friends and teachers; he barely wants to leave!! We fell in love with this school for the strong structured curriculum, nutritious meals, and knowledgeable staff and are really looking forward to the future with Primrose. Thanks for all you do!

    Janie M.


  • Our son Timothy started at this school when he was 2. He didn't even speak English as we speak Chinese at home. We can't believe how much he has progressed both academically and socially. We feel the teachers are doing a great job accommodating every child's needs. Timmy loves all his loving and caring teachers, his friends and the super clean classrooms. He even will go to bed early just so he can be at school early! We can't say thank you enough how Primrose helped develop his early learning desires and habits.

    Emma T.


  • A few years ago, my husband and I began ""the search"" for the perfect school for our 1st child. We prepared a list of local schools around our home and took a day off from work to go and visit each one. Believe it or not, Primrose was not even on our list. After a few disappointing visits (the director wouldn't even come out to greet us at one school), my husband suggested stopping by the Primrose School of Hickory Creek Texas on our way back home. I clearly remember shrugging my shoulders in agreeance. So for the last time that day, we parked the car, got out, got the car seat out and upon our walk to the front door, a very friendly face came walking out. It was clear she was on her way to run some errands, but actually stopped and introduced herself and said if we could give her a few seconds, she would be right back into the school to show us around. That in itself was impressive. And so began a great experience with Primrose School - our son is now enrolled and the most important thing to me is that I am confident in knowing when I drop my kids off at this school, I know I do not have to worry about their well being and safety. And that is outside of the wonderful learning experience they are involved with each day. I would recommend Primrose to anyone who asked on any day of the week. Plan on keeping my daughter and son here for as long as possible. Holly Swartwout"

    Holly S.


  • My husband and I were blown away with the teachers and staff/management at Primrose - Hickory Creek. We have been very pleased with the progress that our daughter has shown since being at Primrose. The teachers have a joyous attitude and makes the child's environement fun for them. Our daughter enjoys going to school which makes it easier on us as parents. The management staff is also very friendly and accomodating to all your needs. We heart Primrose!

    The Joneses