Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest

Parent Testimonials

  • We adore the Primrose of Heritage Wake Forest. The owners are always on site and are very genuine and trustworthy. Everyone is always smiling and I am so comfortable dropping off my child. He loves school and is eager to go each day. As a teacher, I couldn't ask for more at the age of 4. The curriculum has given my son a great foundation for Kindergarten. The teachers are caring and kind. They work one on one with each child. Additionally, there are always plenty of community involvement activities to participate in. It helps to establish a sense of giving to others in need at a young age. We heart Primrose of Heritage Wake Forest!!!

    Katie S.


  • I love Primrose! The owners, Angelo and Melissa Pettis, are phenomenal. Their passion for children is evident by the daily interaction and genuine interest in each family. The Primrose and Pettis names are well known and respected in the community. The staff is always helpful, pleasant and greets everyone by name and with a smile. The nutrition offered is the best. Words can't explain the level of care and sincerity shown by the teachers. Every teacher my children have had at Primrose have been excellent, which speaks to the training and expectations set. They are always enthusiastic and give individual attention to each child. I am pleased with the development of my children through the curriculum, physical activities and community involvement. My oldest son leaves for kindergarten this year and it will be bittersweet. We will miss the relationships he has formed with the teachers, friends and the staff, but they have more than prepared him to be successful. When I drop my kids off at Primrose, I know they are in a safe environment and are having fun learning. Thanks Primrose for providing first class care and education!

    Tahesha E.


  • Primrose Heritage Wake Forest has meant the world to us now for 7 years. Our daughter, who is now in 4th grade, attended Primrose for Private Pre-K and now attends before and after school. She does excellent in school and I attribute that to the great curriculum that Primrose taught her. We now have a son attending Private Pre-K but has been in Primrose since he was an infant. I would not have sent him anywhere else. The Pettis's have always made me feel so comfortable leaving my children in their care. Having peace of mind about the care of my children is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Primrose School of Heritage for all you have done for our family!

    Erin C.


  • The reasons I love Primrose are too numerous to list! My family was in transition. I was at the beginning stages of divorce at the time my daughter became a student. As a stay-at-home mother of a previous 27 week preemie, I wanted to make sure she was in the best environment available if she was not going to be at home with me after three years of in-home love and care. After performing extensive research on five-star preschools and meeting the staff, the choice was clear. The owners, director, and teachers are incredible people who have created a familial atmosphere of a village raising a child. The environment is warm, caring, respectful, and loving. Everyone is greeted by name. Divorce is challenging for a child to navigate. The school served as a wonderfully stable place for my daughter to learn, grow, and thrive both developmentally and psychosocially. It is amazing what she is learning through the “balanced learning curriculum”. Guest speakers, additional activities like field trips and soccer further enhance her growth. The experience she is having at Primrose is truly holistic! She absolutely loves her teachers, the staff and school! I am grateful for what the school family has meant to us during a major life transition, by serving a treasured space for my daughter over the last year and a half. It will be difficult when she moves to Kindergarten next year but I know she will be well prepared! A special thanks to the owners Melissa and Angelo Pettis, as well as the school director Sara, for helping me care for the most important person in my life. I heart Primrose Heritage Wake Forest!!!!!



  • There are 5 reasons why my husband and I enjoy being Primrose of Heritage Wake Forest Parents: 1. The ""Time"" the staff takes to honor our request as parents 2. The ""Awesome"" owners Melissa and Angelo Pettis 3. The ""Remarkable"" impact the school has had on both of our daughters 4. The ""Diversity"" the school offers in regards to culture and the way they teach each child to embrace 5. The ""Excitement"" my daughters feel each time of drop them off at Primrose

    William & Geneva A.


  • My younger daughter has just started Pre-K at Primrose. She's been at Heritage Wake Forest for 3 years. We LOVE the curriculum, but we especially love the feel of walking into the school and being greeted by name. It's a wonderful environment. Our older daughter graduated from Primrose and is now doing extremely well in 2nd grade. Thanks Primrose Heritage WF! We love you all!

    Heather H.