Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest

Parent Testimonials

  • We are so fortunate to have Ms. Lee as such a big part of our lives! Our 3.5 year old son can have some challenging behaviors, but she is always so patient, consistent, loving, and present for him. She always communicates with us so positively and we love that we can have open discussions with her no matter what his day has been like. Thank you for everything, Ms. Lee!

    Derrick F.


  • My younger daughter has just started Pre-K at Primrose. She's been at Heritage Wake Forest for 3 years. We LOVE the curriculum, but we especially love the feel of walking into the school and being greeted by name. It's a wonderful environment. Our older daughter graduated from Primrose and is now doing extremely well in 2nd grade. Thanks Primrose Heritage WF! We love you all!

    Heather H.


  • We adore the Primrose of Heritage Wake Forest. The owners are always on site and are very genuine and trustworthy. Everyone is always smiling and I am so comfortable dropping off my child. He loves school and is eager to go each day. As a teacher, I couldn't ask for more at the age of 4. The curriculum has given my son a great foundation for Kindergarten. The teachers are caring and kind. They work one on one with each child. Additionally, there are always plenty of community involvement activities to participate in. It helps to establish a sense of giving to others in need at a young age. We heart Primrose of Heritage Wake Forest!!!

    Katie S.