Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest

Franchise Owners

Melissa and Angelo Pettis are the owners of the Primrose School of Heritage Wake Forest. They are excited to be part of such a thriving community. The Pettises relocated from Texas to the Raleigh a...

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Our Staff

Ms. Boykins

Pre-K II Teacher

Ms. Haner

Pre K Teacher

Ms. Knight

Young Toddler Teacher

Ms. Lambert

Preschool II Teacher

Ms. Martinez

Pals Teacher (Half-Day)

Ms. Ondrish

Pre-K Teacher

Ms. Faucette

Young toddler Teacher

Ms. Zimmerman

Pre-K I Teacher

Ms. Eaton

Afternoon Support Teacher (Preschool)

Ms. Hyde

Early Preschool I Teacher

Ms. Pleasant

Preschool I Teacher