Primrose School of Greenville

Parent Testimonials

  • We are excited to have our son, Joe, at Primrose in Greenville. The teachers and staff have provided us with a warm welcome and have met our high expectations for quality education. Joe is having a great time, and he is learning a lot.

    Paul A


  • Primrose is the best! I was in search of a great place for my child the moment I was pregnant just like many other moms. Unfortunately at the time, there were not many good options in our town for a family with two working parents. My two daughters attended a great in-home daycare for several years because I could not honestly find a traditional daycare that had what I wanted for my children....that is until Primrose of Greenville opened. Primrose offers an outstanding curriculum that is well balanced in all subject matters which was important to me so that my children were prepared for elementary school. The extended hours were a must for our family since both parents work. I have been blown away with what my children are learning at Primrose. My icing on the cake was the school chef that makes well-balanced and delicious meals for my kids! I don't have to worry about them getting the nutrition they need and I don't have to worry about preparing it! Primrose does that! I have even had the chef make stuff for me before! There is so much to say about an incredibly positive experience that Primrose of Greenville offers from exceptional management staff to incredible teachers! My oldest who is now in kindergarten goes to Primrose in the afternoon for after-school which is a huge blessing for me so that I can pick her and my youngest (3) up at the same place. How does that happen? Primrose sends a bus to the local elementary school to pick her up!! Can't believe all this school has to offer? BELIEVE IT! it is truly incredible.



  • My husband and I have been so encouraged by our experience with Primrose. As a new parent you are faced with many challenges and transitions in the first year (and I am sure many more to come.) That being said, I have so much peace with the decision to send our child to Primrose. The staff have been overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging moreover, I am humbled by the ways in which they care for my child as if she were their own. I know that her development and safety are a priority for them everyday. They are also intentional about keeping me connected to her growth and development with reports and photos throughout my day. The staff goes the extra mile to support our entire families' success. I cannot say enough good things about them. I am simply grateful to have the opportunity to send my daughter to Primrose.



  • We just relocated our family from New York to Greenville, SC. My girls were soon to be 1 and 5 years of age. We were concerned about all the changes that they would be exposed to and how we would handle it all. Primrose was instrumental in making our transition so smooth and enjoyable. They took such great care of my 5 yr old when she started. They gave her extra attention and coddled her JUST ENOUGH to where she became extremely comfortable with her new surroundings and peers very quickly. Her teacher was amazing - I have never seen such a calm demeanor and a loving personality wrap into one. I noticed so many positive changes in my daughter including being so many new good manners we had never thought of introducing. There was no room for my little one and we were forced to search for a nanny. That was the hardest thing ever - but Primrose came through once again! They did their very best and were able to enroll my 1 yr old as well right before I had to start working. Her teachers have been so sweet and caring to her as well. I really can't say enough nice things about Greenville SC's Primrose. They leadership there is incredible and it is really serving its community so well. There are few childcare options here for households with two working parents- and this place is truly a gem for families like mine. Thank you Ms. Lauren, Ms. Katy, Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Wilson, Ms. Amy, Ms. Whitney, Ms Rhonda etc etc etc!



  • I would like to add a comment in addition to what my husband has already said, that being their character education program is amazing! Joey has only been at Primrose for a few weeks and he is already so proud when he does something caring at home or in public because he loves telling me he is just like Percy the rooster. Not only is Primrose getting Joey ready for academic success but they are showing him how to have a kind heart and that means the world to us.

    Kristin A


  • We love Primrose of Greenville! They provide a fun, stimulating, educational, loving and safe environment for kids. They keep parents involved with their children's progress throughout the day and have activities for the entire family to be involved in. They care for our son like he is their own and that means more to us than anything in the world! Thank you for all you do!

    Kelsey A