Primrose School at Gray Eagle

Parent Testimonials

  • I am a Mom to a 1 yr old baby girl and I'm new to Primrose Gray Eagle. I have a full time job with crazy hours and had a nanny for my baby since she was born. When my nanny left unexpectedly my family was in a very difficult situation. My husband and I were uneasy with making changes and afraid of the impact such a change might have. Primrose and its staff made all the difference. It truly feels like a family and they have welcomed our baby girl with open arms. The teachers and staff truly care. They've worked with our baby girl to help her through the transition and kept us updated throughout her first week to ease our concerns (sending pictures!).This is my first child and I know how difficult it is to make this decision because we are trusting our babies to strangers and because we need to know that our babies are ok in order to focus at work. In my case, Primrose at Gray Eagle has exceeded our expectations. I know they give my baby the attention she needs without hindering her development. I am glad we found Primrose and that the teachers and staff here are such wonderful individuals. Congratulations ony our perfect score, Primrose Gray Eagle

    Maria F


  • Lane is my 3-year-old daughter and the second of my children to attend Primrose at Gray Eagle. Her father and I joke around that we hope Santa brings us a Rosetta Stone because of all the Spanish our daughter is learning. But we seriously need to download an app for our phones or buy a translation dictionary because she wants to practice all the time and we don't always know what she's saying! She's learning so much and we are so grateful to Mindy and her amazing staff for the education opportunities!

    Andrea S


  • For nearly 5 years now, we have been a dedicated Primrose family. As a mom, my first "review point" in a facility is security and the safety of my children. In addition, the structure and balanced day add to the value of the environment that I look for my children to receive while I am at work. I firmly believe in the mission, values, and structure that Primrose brings to our family. My children have really enjoyed their experiences feeling special with each teacher and staff member. Happy children, who enjoy going to school and have a passion to learn thanks to their teachers and the warm inviting classroom, leads to a happy mommy satisfied with her choice in a school. Just hearing my children sing songs and talk about the topic of the week, shows me that we are on the right track to having happy, healthy, well developing children.



  • We moved our daughter from a very reputable school to Primrose at Gray Eagle. We were frustrated at the high turnover at her former school. Mis-spelled words on her daily sheet and the food she was given was subpar. We took her for a trial half day, and when I called to check on her, she said she wanted to stay longer and was invited to stay for lunch. We enrolled her and have had no regrets. In fact we regret not doing it sooner. She says to us "I don't like my new school, I LOVE my new school!"

    JoLynn W


  • My child enrolled at Primrose when he was almost 3 and currently he is just past his 5th birthday(so I will say this is his 3rd year at Primrose). Upon entering Primrose I had concerns about his academic development given that he has endured 2 sets of tubes, some hearing and a speech issue. However, the folks at the Primrose of Gray have done wonders with him. I have seen my child go from a very shy boy to one who is outgoing and one who is seeking friends for playdates.</p><p>Just this evening as we were going to an event for my daughter he was counting from 0-100(I never thought that would happen for him prior to kindergarten). For Valentines Day he signed his name and wrote in the card. He is flourishing! These are just a couple of examples that the folks at the Primorose Gray have done for him...I thank you very much!

    Jason F


  • Even though my daughter has only been with Primrose Gray Eagle for less than a year, we have had the greatest experience. The staff here are the most kind and caring bunch of people a mother could hope for. My daughter has learned so much recently, I have to thank her teacher Mrs. Fagley for being so structured yet loving with all of the childen. We will surely miss you all!

    Kelli P