Primrose School of Grand Peninsula

Parent Testimonials

  • Primrose teachers and Staff are phenomenal! Our youngest daughter loves her class and they are extremely attentive to her needs. We are so blessed to be ble to have our children as part of the Primrose family!

    Tanika D


  • The staff and teachers at Primrose are amazing! Both of my girls have excelled and become much more outgoing, and confident over the past year and a half. They love going to school and enjoy all aspects of their curriculum. I am looking forward to another great school year at Primrose!

    Carol M


  • The staff at Primrose Grand Peninsula are the most amazing people we have met since we have had children attending daycare. From the moment we open the door (to hugs and welcomes) to the time we go home (to stickers), we know we are leaving our children in experienced and caring hands. They make sure the parents understand and have access to everything from minor procedures to curriculum (they even have curriculum for infants). We have a 10 year old in the explorers afterschool program and a 1 year old in the young toddler's class. Both have their own special reasons for gaining the love we have for Primrose. In the explorers class, the teachers are careful to make sure the kids get their homework done before playing in other zones with different activities. They are very patient and relate well to their respective age group. In the young toddlers class, an emphasis is placed on preparing the children for "real world". They learn to socialize properly, good and unacceptable behavior, and my favorite, the clean up song. I think it is crucial at this age group for the children to grasp the classroom setting. They are so thirsty to learn that it is easy for them to pick up bad habits, but instead, my 1 year old is advancing so quickly with what he is learing in school I can't keep up. I am constantly asking the teachers what a sign language he is using to commuincate means or a song he hums is so I can sing it with him. Most of all I enjoy the friendly personal relationship I have with those that will have my children more than I do. I feel completely comfortable with those that interact with the kids on a daily basis. They are helping me to maintain my expectations with my children while challenging them to do more according to their age. I repeat, Primrose at Grand Peninsula is amazing.

    Suzann B


  • I feel very blessed to be able to have our son at Primrose Grand Peninsula. The teachers really take an interest in his development and take great care of him. Our son is able to learn things daily. I could not feel more comfortable leaving him anywhere else during the day. After having our oldest child at Primrose for over 5 years, I know we have our children in the best place possible.

    The Hardeman's


  • Enrolling Alexander into the Primrose School of Grand Peninsula was one of the best decisions that my husband and I could have ever made. I feel that Alexander has benefit so much from having dedicated Primrose teachers and staff who are committed to his learning and development. Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Sullivan and Mrs. Lawson (just to name a few) have been phenomenal! In just a short period (1 year, 3 months), Alexander has excelled in his learning and development. The Primrose staff and teachers are sincere and ever so patient. No matter how many times that I call the school, the Primrose staff always answers my questions and addresses my concerns. The Primrose staff is very conscientious regarding my son’s safety. I am always contacted if an issue arise that contradicts my instructions/wishes concerning my son’s release/pick up. I feel confident that my son is safe in the hands of the Primrose staff. WAY TO GO PRIMROSE SCHOOL OF GRAND PENINSULA -THANKS FOR ALL THAT YOU DO!

    Felicia T


  • We have been so blessed to have all three of our children walk the halls of Primrose of Grand Peninsula. Our youngest, Jack, is now in the Infant 2 room and we are thrilled with the love and care he receives daily from Ms. Sainz, Ms Wolford, and Ms Bean. He is learning so much, deveoping a true love of books, and Ms. Bean even taught him his first word..."Texas!" He also received a great start from his first teachers in the Infant 1 room. Ms King, Ms Cruz, and Ms Jeffery did so much to help Jack (and really...his momma) through the transition of entering school. Our family has been extremely blessed to have had Ms Jeffery as both Jack's, and our older son Angelo's, Infant 1 lead teacher. These early childroom teachers are truly special women. They bring so much joy and comfort to the children they watch AND their families Thank you for all you do!

    Elizabeth R