Primrose School of Gainesville

Parent Testimonials

  • I had such a hard time accepting the fact that I would need to put my baby in daycare (1st time mommy). But the decision was much easier once I visited Primrose of Gainesville. I walked in to visit and everyone was so friendly and welcoming. While I loved the curriculum and all the other things Primrose had to offer, the reason why I chose them is because I could feel how loving and nurturing they were in comparison to other places I visited. They made my first day leaving Aaron much easier. They have continued to reaffirm my choice of becoming a part of the Primrose family.

    Anna H


  • I cannot thank the teachers and staff enough for everything they have done for me and my family. Reagan has attended Primrose since just before her 2nd birthday! We love the staff as though they were are own family. They have worked with me through potty training to spelling and speaking Spanish! Reagan will be attending a private Catholic school this fall as we have moved and when she tested for the school, they were very impressed and said she did wonderfully...I feel confident that was due to the fantastic care, attention and dedication she received from the teachers and staff while attending the Pre-K program at Primrose Gainesville. Thank you Miss. Elysha, Miss. Jennifer, Miss. Kristen, Miss. Tara, Miss. Jessica, Miss. Amanda and all the other teachers and staff that have had an impact on Reagan and the girl she has become. We love you, we will miss you and ALL the Primrose families!

    Rebecca R


  • Our son has been attending Primrose of Gainesville since March of 2013 and we are so impressed with the staff, the facility and the curriculum. We don't view Primrose as a "daycare" but more as an investment in our child's future. The activities that Primrose incorporates into each day make it a fun filled day of learning and play for our son. The events that are hosted throughout the year, including the Easter Parade and the Halloween Parade, are so much fun for both the children and the families. We are so thankful for everything Primrose does, and when we drop him off each day, we know that we are leaving him in a safe environment where he can learn and play and build friendships that he will be able to take with him after he leaves Primrose for "big boy" school.

    Billie B


  • We first heard about Primrose from several friends while we were expecting our first child. I must admit, my wife and I were very skeptical about leaving our newborn in the hands of someone we didn't know when work required us. We initially met the staff and owners of Primrose School of Gainesville when our daughter was just 3 months old. It was tough leaving her at first. After a few weeks, it became easy. Let me tell you, the staff at Primrose are perfectly capable of handling an infant. In most cases, they are more capable than say a new dad (me). Almost three years have passed. My daughter, now 2 1/2 loves going to school. I use the word "school" intentionally because Primrose is more than a daycare facility that keeps kids until their parents come pick them up after work. Primrose follows a well developed and proven curriculum based on the child's skills and age, that fosters an outstanding learning environment that any parent can be proud of. Honestly, it's not easy to teach a 2 year old, but the staff at Primrose really know how to make it happen. Primrose to my wife and I is more than a school, it is a family full of trusted individuals that we have no reservations about entrusting our child with on a daily basis. -Mike & Becky Caverzasi

    Mike C


  • My husband and I chose Primrose because after we took the tour, I said to myself, “If I could have chosen a pre-school for myself, this is where I would want to go”. The staff was happy, knowledgeable, confident and willing to work with our family’s concerns and needs. Along the way, they have helped us immensely with our daughter's physical, emotional, academic and social development. I do not believe we could have gotten through potty training if not for the capable guidance and encouragement of my daughter's teachers! I appreciate that my daughter has learned real world skills as well in her classes, such as “Stop, Look and Listen” when crossing the street. She has learned to share and take turns with her peers which is also very important to us as our daughter is an only child and would not have had much opportunity to work on these skills otherwise. Overall, having our daughter at Primrose has allowed us to breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you for all of your hard work Primrose teachers and staff!

    Jennifer B


  • After taking on a new job in a new area, I had to find a special place for both of my children. I was beyond nervous about putting my sweet Zoe into daycare as she was only 8 weeks old. After researching several places I came across Primrose. As I visited the daycare, I felt comfort instantly. I knew my girl would be taken care of so well. Zoe is provided with excellent care each day. I am given a thorough report each day on how she did, what she ate, etc. My favorite part of the report is the pictures/videos. I love that Primrose makes you feel apart of your child's day! I am so thankful to have Primrose as part of my children's daily lives.

    Brandi H