Primrose School of Friendswood

Parent Testimonials

  • Our daughters were born 8 weeks early and I was concerned about them meeting their milestones and development. Luckily for us, the primrose staff and teachers have helped our girls not only reach their milestones, they're exceeding even the Dr.'s expectations. We love how happy our daughters are when we pick them up and how excited the teachers are about each new thing they learn.

    Debra S


  • As our daughter approached preschool age, my husband and I began researching local daycares, preschools, montessori programs, etc. We had narrowed our choices to Primrose and another local facility. We chose the other facility. MISTAKE! She cried the entire day for two whole days. I realize that there is an adjustment period for children (and some more than others), but when I observed the class (without being seen), there was no real effort to comfort her or help her adjust to the class. Then we moved her to Primrose. What a WORLD of difference!! All of the teachers and staff (owners, office staff, helpers, kitchen staff, etc.) were VERY warm, welcoming, and comforting. My daughter shed a few tears at the first few drop offs, but as I observed her through window, she quickly warmed up and adjusted to the class. And it wasn't long before she was hurrying down the hall to get to her classroom and bursting in without even turning back to say good bye to me. And while she dislikes getting up in the morning (yep, she gets that from me), she really enjoys school! And, just as important, she is learning by leaps and bounds!! I love looking at her take home papers to see the progress she's making. And the regular progress reports and parent-teacher conferences are wonderful tools for monitoring progress. I also love how the teachers and staff are always available and willing to discuss any issues or questions that may come up. As a parent, it's hard to trust the care and education of our precious little ones to others, but I know that my daughter is getting is in a warm, caring environment where she can develop social skills, character, and intellectual skills. I'm thrilled with Primrose and would definitely recommend it to others!

    Spencer Family


  • Hi,I'm Malindey, the proud parent of Darian Milan Promise. I wanted to take a few minutes to express the feelings experienced since enrolling Darian at Primrose School of Friendswood. Darian has only been at Primrose for a few months and we can see the significant change. He's excited like never before about getting ready for school in the morning and very anxious to interact with his friends and teachers. He is showing huge improvements in writing his name and knowing his colors and numbers like never before. He loves storytime, playing basketball and sharing his favorite toy with his friends. He talks nonstop about his daily activities (especially arts). There are days when I pick him up and he's not ready to leave. Knowing that he's happy and feels secured at Primrose makes us very proud. It's comforting to know that he is ok while we are working throughout the day. Thanks to the ladies who prepare the meals daily and making sure our kids are eating healthy and last but not least, a Great big shout out to Mrs. Coogan, Ms.Lemmon, Ms. White and Ms. Miller!! Thanks Primrose of Friendswood for caring!

    Malindey F


  • I have both of my boys at the Primrose School of Friendswood and they have both been there for 3 years. Before they were enrolled here, I kept them at home. We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay, so far, at this school. With me, the biggest things on my list for my kids are: cleanliness, organization, a secure environment, and a great curriculum and Primrose School of Friendswood has it all! We have been very happy at this school and would recommend it to anyone. We will be staying here until both kids graduate the Kinder program!

    Voula S


  • We love Primrose for the way that the teachers and staff truly care about our children!

    Darlene F


  • My child started at primrose at 8 weeks. We were so thrilled to find that they had an opening after touring various other daycares, primrose was a sigh of relief. It felt like I was leaving him with family members rather than a bunch of strangers. The faculty and staff at primrose is very attentive and caring when it comes to my childs needs. They are always quick to recognize a problem and contact me if need be. This year when we had to begin potty training the teachers at primrose were a great help. It only took a week to get it down. When my child is around other children people often comment on how advanced he seems for his age. I simply smile and give credit to the wonderful curriculum at primrose which focuses not only on the intellectual growth of my child but the atristic growth as well. I have recommended many family and friends to primrose and they have all seen the same wonderful results. WE LOVE PRIMROSE!