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Dodie and Charles Pleiss
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Dodie and Charles Pleiss


Hello. We are Dodie & Charles Pleiss, the proud owners of the Primrose School of Fleming Island. We have been associated with Primrose for over 10 years. Prior to owning the school in Fleming Island, we both worked for the Primrose parent company so we understand how unique and special Primrose is. Our daughter Addison has been a student of Primrose since she was 12 weeks old and she still attends the Explorer after school program. It was scary leaving her as an infant so Primrose was that security blanket for us- we knew how much they loved her and would keep her safe. As she got older, preschool aged, we wanted her to be prepared for school, as well as master the structure of being in a classroom. Because of Primrose, she learned to love learning and has excelled in early academic concepts. But the biggest thing we are proud of are the social skills and values she has learned while attending. Primrose has played a huge role is the person she is becoming. We know you have many childcare choices in this area, but let us show you how unique our program and school are.

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