Primrose School of Five Forks

Parent Testimonials

  • My son started at Primrose when he was 15 mos. old. I was very nervous about having my son go to daycare. However, in just a couple of weeks, he loved going to school. Now, he is almost 4 years old and he loves Primrose. He has learned so much. He can count objects, is learning his letters, and is starting to learn to write his name. He can identify shapes, colors, and he can recognize his name in print. He will continue next year at the Private Pre-K program, where he will actually be on a Kindergarten based curriculum. I am so excited for him. As a teacher, I know the value of a good education, as well as the value of getting a child off to a good start. My son is getting the best start at Primrose.

    Karen Y


  • Warm and caring environment, rich and motivating curriculum, dedicated and enthusiastic professionals - it's easy to see why I heart Primrose as a teacher and a parent, and have done so for going on to 14 years! As a Primrose parent, I've had the chance to experience first-hand how the Primrose philosophy and curriculum support, promote and strengthen all facets of children's learning and growth. As a Primrose teacher, I know what fun the curriculum is to teach and how phenomenally successful it is in engaging all kinds of learners. In particular, I heart my little corner of the Primrose world - Primrose of Five Forks, where our teachers, staff and families form a close-knit, loving larger community devoted to the happiness, well-being and development of our children. Coming to work each day at Primrose is a joy. I heart Primrose and am so proud to be a part of the Primrose of Five Forks family.

    Vicki K


  • The girls are learning a great deal! Brielle has so much enthusiasm and is so eager to share her lessons/events with us before we even pull out of the parking lot. Aria’s vocabulary is growing extensively and her social skills are beginning to blossom. We cannot express how happy and satisfied we are with the balanced structure/curriculum that Primrose offers. We truly appreciate the positive attitudes and dedication of the teachers and staff.

    Rondeen M


  • Ann Marie has been attending Primrose School of Five Forks since she was about 10 weeks old. She truly loves coming to school every morning. All of her teachers have been incredibly loving and supportive. We are also constantly amazed by what she is learning and what she is able to do. Her new brother, Will, will be joining her in a few weeks and we feel very happy about our decision to send our children to Primrose at Five Forks.

    Scott H


  • Primrose has exceeded our expectations from day one. Other than the obvious clean, large rooms, large playground, good security and friendly staff, our 2 year old is developing and learning on a higher level. Primrose has a great curriculum where our child is learning new words, manners and tasks every day. There is also great parent involvement as well as community charitable work. We could not be happier with our choice in sending our daughter to Primrose School of Five Forks

    Jeri F


  • Choosing Primrose School of Five Forks as a cornerstone of our daughter’s early childhood education is one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to Georgia. We’ve seen Selene learn and grow since she entered Primrose and feel good about our investment in her education. Primrose School of Five Forks is committed to excellence and maintains an extremely high standard for their curriculum, teachers and physical environment. Consequently, our daughter is well cared for and well prepared academically and socially to be a successful student wherever she goes after completing Kindergarten at Primrose.

    Monica R