Primrose School at Fall Creek

Parent Testimonials

  • My little girl loves going to school at Primrose. The staff are so genuine and care about every aspect of her education which as a parent gives me great satisfaction. Primrose is an excellent school that rates far above any other.



  • My son loves Primrose. He loves the Explorer program. They have so many activities for him to choose from and the teachers are great in every way.



  • My daughter Izzy attends Primrose at Fall Creek and she loves the school. The teachers are very caring and informative, she has learned so much in such a short time. Izzy is always talking about her teachers and the children in her class. This has been such a great expeirence. I love how Primrose rates above any other school!

    Heather W


  • We have been very happy to notice a big difference in our son as he never interacted as much as he does now after we enrolled him into Primrose. We have seen his vocab improve and he is being more friendly and playful with other kids of his age. His teachers Laura and Jen, Are very friendly and always give us his progress which helps us to know where he stands. He is very comfortable with his teachers and is always happy when he sees them, which makes us happy to know he is in very good hands!

    Ashwini P


  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • My husband and I really try to have a culture of loving to learn at home, but since she started at Primrose, I feel like actually it’s our daughter that’s been bringing that energy into our house.