Primrose School of Edmond

Parent Testimonials

  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.



  • I never thought I would feel this good about where I bring my children every day. I have a great peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands and that they’re getting the best education they can.



  • Our 8 year old son, Eli has been with Primrose since the first day Primrose opened and is still part of the after school care. Our experience has been amazing. Eli has always enjoyed every day at Primrose, and especially loved his kindergarten class. He still keeps in contact with several of those friends he made at Primrose even though they went to different elementary schools for first grade. He has been nurtured emotionally, educationally, and physically which has allowed him to thrive in public school. As parents, we take great pride in knowing that he is in a safe enviornment with professionals that truly care about children and families.

    Robyn S.


  • When we moved to Edmond we spent a lot of time researching preschools for our then 5 year old daughter. While in town on a house hunt we toured several schools in the area, but when we walked into Primrose, we knew it was “The One”. We immediately felt that Primrose School was safe, as you must be let in or have a code, it was clean, and orderly. All of the administrators knew all of the children and parents by name. As you walked by each classroom doorway you could see all of the activity going on. We met the teachers and assistant teachers for the classrooms and were given a thorough tour of the school.We were a unique family at Primrose. Our daughter was already on an IEP (individualized education program) from our previous public school district, but we really wanted the private school environment. Primrose staff worked with us so that she could continue to receive those services as provided by the public school and maintain a normal Pre-K class. We felt that the class size was small enough that she was able to grow and learn at an amazing rate. Their quarterly testing of all areas proved how much progress she made and skills that she had mastered. We were amazed and impressed. We decided to continue at Primrose for full-time Kindergarten, even though the district switched to a full-time K. We are so happy that we did! The local elementary school had 7 Kindergarten classes all full to capacity and the schools felt overwhelming on our tour. But by staying full-time at Primrose, even for just one more year, our daughter continued the success she had started in Pre-K! We did not utilize the public school therapies and instead worked with Primrose staff to have private therapy on premises. Our daughters testing proved our decision was right- she went from “delayed” at initial testing to “average” on her final review. That says it all!Another incredible part of the Primrose experience......the other families. Being new to the area we felt so blessed that we met so many wonderful parents and got to know their children. This doesn't happen in public schools and sometimes not at other preschools. But at Primrose, parents really value getting to know the other students and their families. Tons of birthday parties, play dates, class parties, and genuine friendships made. We really felt that the families that attended Primrose wanted to get the most from the experience.We felt like if there was ever an issue there was someone available to discuss it. The owner and staff worked with us above and beyond anything we had anticipated. It really felt as if we were part of a family. Everyone was thoroughly interested in our family and most of all our daughter and her potential. My only wish is that my daughter could have spent more years at Primrose. We cannot say enough wonderful things about Primrose School of Edmond, Mrs Tanner-the owner and the amazing staff of teachers and administrators.

    Jill L.


  • When Callan came to Primrose he was testing a full year behind his age level. We had him in a different Pre-K program the previous year and had discovered when it became time to register for Kindergarten, Callan was not ready. We chose Primrose because it was an all-day program.We had high hopes that if he went all day that perhaps he could catch up.Callan knew six letters in the alphabet when he started Primrose.Two months later he knew the entire alphabet.He progressed very well and took right to the program and the excellent teachers.When Callan came to the end of his Pre-K year at Primrose we again had him tested and he was right in line with all the other children his age.We will never forget what a difference our decision to transfer him to Primrose has made in his life.I cannot say enough about the school and the staff.They completely turned around his education in just one year and got him where he needed to be.Callan went on to Kindergarten last fall and is the smartest child in his class.And that comes from his teacher, not from me.Callan now has a younger sister and we would never even consider putting her anywhere else.She will attend Primrose the first time around and we have no doubt that there will not be any reason for a repeat with her.J. Weathington

    J. W.


  • We had put my son into a daycare that was close to our home. We had toured it and thought it would be good for him. Over time I realized my son was not eating. I had food for him but they were too lazy to give it to him. Another time when I went to pick him up he was alone with another child while the other children were outside. We moved him to another daycare but they weren't that good either. We tried Primrose and noticed the prices were a lot higher. But after he started we noticed that he was much happier. And that the teacher was actually teaching him geometric shapes. We were thrilled at everything he was learning. The teachers and owner have been wonderful. And now our second son is also going to Primrose.

    Vikki C