Primrose School of Edmond

Franchise Owner

Jon and Sharon Tanner and are the owners of the Primrose School of Edmond. We have been residents of Oklahoma City for over 45 years. In June of 2008 we opened the first Oklahoma Primrose School ...

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franchise owners

Our Staff

Ms. Kerran

Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Martin

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Amasaman

Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Dominguez

Infant Teacher Assistant

Ms. Moreno

Older Infant Assistant Teacher

Ms. Branch

Older Infant Teacher Assistant

Ms. VanBenthuysen

Toddler 1 Assistant Teacher

Ms. C. Williams

Toddler 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Robinson

Toddler 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Pierce

Toddler 2 Teacher Assistant

Ms. Graves

Early Preschool 2 Lead Teacher

Ms. Tenorio

Early Preschool 2 Assistant Teacher

Ms. Weiss

Early Preschool 2 Teacher Assistant

Ms. Cortes

Pathways to Preschool Lead Teacher

Mrs. Ferry

Pathways to Preschool Assistant Teacher

Ms. Furrh

Pathways to Preschool Teacher Assistant

Mrs. Komenan

Preschool Assistant Teacher

Mrs. Dewey

Pre-Kindergarten Lead Teacher

Mrs. Hernandez

Pre-Kindergarten Assistant Teacher

Ms. McRae

Pre-Kindergarten Teacher Assistant

Ms. Wegener

Explorer Lead Teacher