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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Saleem Karmaliani and Salima Mithani with their family
Saleem Karmaliani and Salima Mithani
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Saleem Karmaliani and Salima Mithani


Meet Saleem Karmaliani and Dr. Salima Mithani – dedicated parents of three daughters and active owners and operators of Primrose Schools located in the northern, central and southern neighborhoods of twin cities metropolis. 

Primrose School of Prior Lake & Savage was the very first Primrose to open its doors in Minnesota in August 2006. With years of successfully serving the Prior Lake and Savage communities, the couple decided to organically grow into neighborhoods where the communities were still lacking high quality early childhood education and care. As a result they own Primrose School of South Minneapolis & RichfieldPrimrose School of Prior Lake and Savage, Primrose School of Arden Hills and Shoreview, Primrose School of Edina, and Primrose School of West Plymouth

As parents of young children themselves, Karmalianis understand the importance of starting early to shape a child’s educational foundation and character. The couple, sees first hand, the difference early childhood education makes in young lives as they have themselves witnessed how Primrose School has positively impacted their own children. "We knew we wanted to deliver the same high-quality care and education for other families," said Saleem. Recognizing how challenging it was to find a quality, early childhood development program for their own children, Karmalianis embraced and continue to promote the Primrose mission with a well-balanced educational experience for the families they serve through these schools.

Saleem holds graduate degrees in Education and Public Policy, while Salima practices the field of Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Both are graduates of University of Minnesota and have been living in Twin Cities for 25 plus years. Together they have three daughters Cerena and twins Sophie and Sara. Karmalianis love sports and are die-hard fans of Gophers and Minnesota Vikings. The family loves to spend time outdoors and are frequent visitors to Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA).

“Our mission remains consistent with the Primrose model: to provide our families with the premier well balanced early childhood development experience in a safe and loving environment. We know this is only possible with our parents and teachers’ continued partnership and support” said Saleem. His past experience in Education as well as working for the government in the field of Human Services for over 15 years is practically evident in his day to day operations in their schools. Between their schools, Saleem leads a dedicated and professional team of over 120 employees managed by 12 highly qualified and caring leadership team members.

“When we were introduced to Primrose for our own children, we immediately became enthralled with the curriculum, instruction methodologies and dedication of the teachers to develop each child emotionally and cognitively,” said Dr. Salima Mithani. The couple recognized that Saleem's experience in education combined with Primrose Schools's philosophy would allow their family to establish a strong model of early learning in Minnesota where parents and children would feel comfortable and part of a family.

Both Saleem and Salima volunteer for local community organizations in the field of education and public services. Dr. Salima Mithani also served as the board member and treasurer of their children elementary school's PTO.

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