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ashley hughes, sarah albahadily, andrea choate
Andrea Choate, Sarah Albahadily, Ashley Hughes
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Andrea Choate, Sarah Albahadily, Ashley Hughes


Meet Ashley Hughes, Sarah Albahadily and Andrea Choate Franchise owners of Primrose School of East Edmond. After discovering her neighborhood Primrose school, Ashley knew it was the best option for her children. Once she introduced Andrea to the innovative approach to child care, the pair knew it was a perfect fit. When they discovered Primrose Schools and learned about the quality of care and focus on well-rounded development, they were amazed. Nothing else they had researched even came close. They saw the remarkable difference Primrose made in their own children's lives and quickly became avid believers. Ashley holds an accounting background, managing investments and running businesses, and Andrea is a former school teacher with an entrepreneurial spirit. Sarah first learned about Primrose when she was a part of the AdvancEd Accreditation Team and later joined Primrose School of NW Oklahoma City as an Assistant Director. Sarah joined the ownership group after Ashley and Andrea witnessed her dedication and enthusiasm for the school, children and their families. Sarah's background is a former teacher and school administrator holding a master's in school administration. Ashley's investing background and enthusiasm for Primrose Schools was only part of her decision to become more involved with the company Andrea was her driving factor. The atmosphere and environment found at Primrose and their approach to childhood care and education fell exactly in line with their own personal philosophies and continues to serve as a driving force each day. Primrose School of East Edmond will be the fourth Primrose school in the Oklahoma City market, and will feature the exclusive Balanced Learning curriculum for children ages six weeks to 5 years old.

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