Primrose School Building

Primrose School at the Denver Tech Center

Parent Testimonials

  • While both of our girls (ages 4 & 2) were enrolled only for a summer, it was an experience they still talk about to this day. The teachers are first rate, and not only did they take a personal interest in the girls' education, they also made sure the girls were made to feel secure and welcome. Everyone including Rick and the rest of the administrative team went out of their way to get our feedback. It was obvious from the girls' first days that the entire Primrose staff genuinely cares. We recommend Primrose DTC wholeheartedly and without hesitation.



  • I had just left law enforcment to start a new business of my own when my son was born. We held on as long as we could financially with my very latina (by that I mean "passionate" about our son:) wife staying at home. 18 months and the bank accounts needed a "refill" and it was time to make a change. With my (legal) background I ask a lot of questions. Sadly, I think most people are lying. I look for the gaps in stories and I am suspect of everyone. Admittingly so, I was perhaps too skeptical, but that is what makes my experience that much more impressive. Needless to say, can be a little hard to please and from a father's perspective I wanted nothing but the best for my family (security, compassion, education, and comfort). A big piece of this was also my wife's emotional transition - which I will comment on in a moment. When we looked around for area schools, we read reviews, yelp, google, talked to friends, called a dozen places, and eventually visited our top (3). This was literally the biggest decision I have made as a father, in my opinion. Please understand, I have seen first hand the worst of the worst scenarios in child care. So imagine the opposite... and that in a nutshell is Rick and his team at Primrose DTC, specifically Ashley and Dana and the incredible teachers in the Toddler groups! A few highlights are as follows:- The school building is always clean. Spotless, in fact.- The hardwood floors, the color palett, lobby, design, and feel is more like a nice house, rather than a school. It is where you would have wanted to go as a kid. It is a really nice layout. Everything was handpicked with child care in mind (outlets, door with pinch-free hinges, etc).- All the doors are coded with security badge scanners and finger print identification (AWESOME, I KNOW!)- I have never walked in and NOT seen someone attentively watching the lobby/front. - The welcome packet, literally, explains everything. Snow days, payment, policy, etc. Proper paperwork and documentation is the key to ANY good business. Rick and his team go one step further and actually explain everything in great detail. Even during a snow storm, Rick has a shovel in hand making the grounds safe. I have seen him to this each times it snows. We all know he doesn't have to, he wants to. It is so refreshing to see owners take pride in their facilites. They have a pediatric nurse on staff everyday. She will even answer individual medical questions about your child. When there is a "bug" going around, the school promlugates memos that hang in each room explaining symptoms, what to look for and reccomendations on how to treat the little guys/gals. So nice for an idiot like me :) The rates are extremely competative with like situatied schools/number of days, and includes meals and snacks. EVERYDAY my son gets a written report that includes his diaper changes, amount he eats (oh, BTW only nutrious food is served from an insanely clean kitchen), his attitude, what activities he enjoyed, issues (good and bad), how long he napped, and who was his teacher that day. This again is a big plus! Proper documentation. No suprises. Nothing is word of mouth. They use current technology (tablets) for attendance - taken very frequently - and for parents to check their kids in and out with a unique PIN#. Very cool! Every teacher my son has spent time with has a certifications or a degree in childhood education, development, speach and langugange, and other specialties. You know, professionals. The kind of people you want around your kids if you can not be. I couldn't find any complaints... anywhere. Now I know why. As I mentioned, my wife was very emotional about going back to work. The staff totally understood and for the first week called her everday (sometimes more than once) with updates. They took photos of him enjoying the day and emailed them to both of us. They ALWAYS pick up the phone and physically check on your child if you ask them to. They went above and beyond to make sure that she felt good about where our son was. He had a few rough days, but what made it easier is that they told us BEFORE hand it was going to happen and take about 4 weeks to adjust. Like clockwork, both mom and kiddo settled in as scheduled and we are in a wonderful routine. I don't think there is anything unique about my experience. I think they have great leadership, incredible staff, a good business model, and it shows. Take the tour before making a decision and see for yourself. Even though it is a franchise, Rick is taking personal ownership and accountability over his "small" business and he willing to provide his personal story which is key to understanding the "why" behind his motivations.



  • We have been a part of the Primrose DTC school since its inception, and we have noticed so much advancement in our little girl, Isabella! We were very hesitant to move her from her previous learning center, fearing that Isabella would have a tough time with the change. She didn't at all! Rick, Alicia, Dana and Ashley genuinely make it seem like we are going to visit family each day. It has been one of the best decisions we have made. I appreciate what Primrose does to instill a sense of "school" with a real curriculum, even for the infants! Not only do they work with a curriculum, I also love the fact that they focus on character development, teaching values, as well. The teachers are top notch and really seem to enjoy being there. Isabella has blossomed in the less than six months that she has been there, I can't wait to see how she progresses from here!

    Amanda W


  • Our 2-yr old, Jinson Lateef, is a charter early-preschool student at Primrose Denver Tech Center in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The owners and excellent staff are friendly, focused and consistently strive to improve our child's learning experience. They ask for feedback frequently and thank us for trusting them with Jinson. What a pleasure to see and interact with the Primrose staff. Jinson has learned more in four months at Primrose than we thought possible! He has a varied curriculum throughout the week/month. He is excited to go to school and happy when he comes home. He talks so much about his new Primrose friends and teachers. Given an unhappy experience with Jinson's previous school, it has been a huge blessing to have Jinson with good teachers, staff and know that he is safe and learning the most he can each day. Primrose is not a daycare. They take responsibility for the whole child emerging as a well-rounded intelligent person. I encourage parents to consider Primrose. You'll be glad you did!! A big thank you to Mr. Rick all the wonderful staff at Primrose Denver Tech Center - Sherry, Brittany & Jinson

    Sherry J


  • There are no words for how much we adore our Primrose family. We went from taking him to a sitter, to an in home nanny and finally found Primrose. Primrose is a place that we can depend on, that educates our son (not just entertains him). It is safe, friendly and Owen (our son) loves it there. In fact, he spent most of his vacation repeating classmates names. Talk about making you feel good about where your son spends his days. The truth is, for the first few weeks he cried when we dropped him off. Now, he cries when he has to leave. I would recommend this school and team (Rick, Dana and Ashley) are the best of the best.

    Jean C


  • Josh has attened Primrose DTC since it opened in March 2013 and has blossomed while he has been there. I knew from the first time I met Dana and Ashley, and how Josh took to them immediately, that this was going to be the school he attended. The owners Rick and Alisha are fantastic and they and the Directors know all the kids and parents by name. It is wonderful to walk in a be greeted and have a conversation with them. They are wonderful about keeping us updated about anything that is going on at school, any concerns and share photos with us all the time of what Josh is doing at school. Being a new school, one of the benefits as parents has been to have Josh start in a smaller class and get to know all his friends. They are growing day by day, but they still maintain personal relationships with each child and parent. JoshLOVES reading and his books and what we love about Primrose is that they promote learning in a fun way. I cannot imagine having Josh at any other shool and will recommend Primrose DTC to everyone I know.

    Janine M