Primrose School of Columbus Trail

Parent Testimonials

  • We love Primrose! Our second son attends and he loves going. When our oldest was there, now 7, he enjoyed every minute! Before we chose a preschool, we took many tours. Primrose was the only school he liked. He didn't want to leave. Our experience was so great that once our youngest turned 18 months, we enrolled him too!

    Matrail R


  • My son has been attending Primrose for over a year and we could not be happier! The staff has become an extension of our family and I know they care for my son as much as I do. They all go out of their way to let me know everything that happens on a daily basis and send me pictures to me me feel like I am there with him. He has grown so much in the past year that he has been there. His growth has not just been physical, his vocabulary and motor skills grow daily which is a direct reflection of the stong curricul and amazing teachers they have on staff. We could not have chosen a better school and I am would not refer anyone looking for child care to any other place!

    Paige P


  • My daughter is 8 years old and she really enjoys the after school program and the summer camp featured at this daycare. We had tried 2 other daycares prior and this one turned out to be the perfect fit! They pick her up after school every day and I can just arrive after work and pick her up along with her little brother. It's great!!

    Kathy N


  • As a new mom, looking for a caregiver for my 12 week old daughter was a scary adventure. The second I walked into Primrose Columbus Trail, I knew this was where she was supposed to be. I cannot say enough about the teachers in the infant classrooms. It takes someone special to care for the children the way that they do. I know each and every day when I go to work that my daughter is in the best hands possible. I do not worry for one second! It is such a joy to see the art work that we get to bring home….her cute foot prints made into a pattern of the world, or her hand print made into a dinosaur. The teachers must truly love what they do. My daughter began sleeping through the night shortly after starting school at Primrose. She must really play hard at school, because she is ready for bed by 7:00 every night. I cannot tell people enough what it means to me to be able to send my daughter to a school that takes such good care of her….it means everything!

    Heather F


  • As a single parent Primrose has become more than a facility of development and education for my daughter, they have become family, more of a co-parent. Thru their patience, loyalty and understanding my daughter has become very successful in her development. When there was contemplation on where I would put her for kindergarten; there was no hesitation; she was going to continue to be a Primrose child. She wears her logo on her uniform proudly. I thank Primrose for the success and maturity of my daughter. My Chloe and I Love Primrose. I am proud to say that she is a Primrose kid!

    Keisha H


  • For those who dont think there is a difference in child care our daughter is proof that Primrose is the best for early childhood education. I am proud to announce that our daughter in the 3rd week of school is reading at the 100% level of where she should be at week 15. So props to Primrose for making that a possibility and for planting the love of knowledge. We were just as delighted with the summer program. It offered education yet fun field trips 2-3 times a week, art, science, technology, and a sturctured sports program. Our daugther can't wait until next summer to return back! Thank you Primrose for being a part of our family and our hearts!!