Primrose School of Columbus Trail


Welcome to
Primrose Schools

Our teachers and caregivers are chosen for their passion for helping children achieve their full potential. We invite you to visit and see our Balanced LearningĀ® approach in action.

Our Vision

Primrose Students
Tend to Outperform
Their Peers.

Find out why our Active Minds, Healthy Bodies, Happy HeartsĀ® philosophy makes the difference.

Franchise Owners

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Bill and Kristy Smith

Latest News

  • Pointers for Parents.

    Discover how patience and preparation can support your child through change on Pointers for Parents.

  • Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club

    Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club starts on June 7th!! Call us 817-423-4000 to inquire for more information about our Primrose Schools Summer Adventure Club.

  • Music Class

    The Spring Semester Music Class code for your child's class will be e-mailed in January.

  • Mr. David and Friends

    Join us for the Mr. David and Friends music show every other Wednesday!

  • 360 Connect Communication

    360 Connect Communication

We'd love for your family to meet ours.