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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Ben and Lisa Adams with their son
Ben and Lisa Adams
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Ben and Lisa Adams


It was easy to see. . .children were not ready for first grade. This was the conclusion that former first grade teacher Lisa Adams, MaED came to each September as children came into her classroom, unprepared socially and academically. But why? A preschool education can be the most important foundation a child can have since the majority of their brain is developed by age four. So when she and her husband began planning their own family in 2003, a quest was born. First locally and eventually nationwide, Lisa searched for researched-based education and quality care with an emphasis on social/emotional skills. What the Adams' sought, and finally found, was Primrose Schools. The Adams' could easily see the Primrose difference and decided to bring the country's best private preschool to Eden Prairie in 2007. The program that was developed at Primrose School of Eden Prairie was adopted by the entire Southwest Metro with such enthusiasm that a sister campus was built in Chanhassen to make the Primrose Experience available to more students and families. The Primrose School of Eden Prairie was built for Ben and Lisa's son Allen, who was born in 2005. After completing the entire program, Allen graduated in 2012 and happily started first grade very well prepared. The Primrose School of Chanhassen is built for you the families who live in our community. Benjamin and Lisa Adams want to share the Primrose experience with you.

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