Primrose School of Champlin Park

Parent Testimonials

  • My experience at Primrose has been nothing but exceptional. The communication is outstanding and the teachers are top notch. My daughter is in PPK and she loves school. She wakes up on Saturday morning asking me what we are going to do today and if I have nothing planned she wants me to take her to school. I love seeing her excited about school and wanting to be there. I appreciate that they reinforce the same values and rules that we do at home. They are simple but yet a very important part of life. The small classroom sizes gives the children adequate time with the teacher, and allows the children to have enough space in the room to do their work. They don't feel rushed or the need to rush to an activity in fear that they won't get a chance. The staff are so nice and welcoming. I am truly amazed!

    Jennifer F


  • M. joined Primrose when she was 17 mo. old. She had been attending an in-home daycare, but we weren't very happy with the lack of attention she was receiving. Since joining Primrose we have not thought twice about enrolling her! Every morning she grabs her backpack to head off to school -- SO EXCITED! She absolutely loves her time spent at school. Her teachers and all the staff are so amazing and truly care for her and her developmental needs. The level of communication at Primrose is over-the-top. You can never receive too much information about your daughter's day and growth! Thank you Primrose of Champlin Park.



  • P. joined Primrose shortly after turning 4 years old. Every day that I pick her up it takes an additional 10-15minutes just to get her to come with me. She just can't seem to leave! She has been exposed to so many new thoughts and ideas and comes home every day with projects to show me. The excitement glows in her eyes! As a parent I enjoy the structure and the organization. She is not only learning amazing kindergarten/school prep skills, but she is also learning character building skills -- priceless! Thank you Primrose of Champlin Park for helping P. grow into a smart and respectful little girl!



  • Our son started at Primrose in the Todddler classroom. In the short time that he has been there he has grown so much. He is already starting to potty train and he comes home with more words every day. We love Primrose because they have amazing teachers who genuinely care about our son. Primrose also has an excellent curriculum that teaches him life long skills!!



  • I am a big fan of Primrose and am very impressed with the development of my daughter from the school. The teachers and staff are great. I am always surprised when my daughter comes home and shows me a new sign she learned at school. Usually I don't even know what it is! The school has been great for her social skills as well. She has really learned how to interact well with other kids and does well when we have a babysitter. I can't say enough good things about her social and learning development that she has improved upon since attending Primrose. I highly recommend the school, it has been the best investment I have made for my child's development.



  • I knew Primrose teachers and staff were making an impact on my son because every day he comes home being able to do something new, whether a new word or skill (he likes to hop like a bunny). I didn't realize the impact they had until school closed on Friday due to blizzard conditions. When he woke up on Monday morning, the first thing he said were his teachers names! Apparently he missed his teachers and his classroom. If I can't be with him during the day, I am glad that people who love and care about him work at Primrose!