Primrose School of Castle Rock

Parent Testimonials

  • Our daughter is in the infant program at Primrose Castle Rock and we absolutely love it! It's such a relief knowing that, when I drop her off in the morning, she is happy and excited to see her teachers and friends. Miss Jill is amazing, and Amber, Jess and RaeLynn are so friendly! It's nice that every single time I walk in, they call me by name and know my daughter's name as well! This is so much more than a daycare to us, it's a great start to my baby's learning and socialization! Thank you, Primrose!

    Amy M.


  • We started taking our daughter to Primrose when she was about 5 months old. We really love Primrose and all it has to offer. The teachers are wonderful, the directors are fabulous and the owners are great. We feel like there is a great balance of education and play and couldn't be happier with our choice of school.

    Laura T


  • My daughter has attended the Primrose School of Castle Rock for 4 years. As a working Mom, it's very important to find a place that you feel will take care of your children the way that you do at home. I have always felt that my daughter is safe, treated with kindness and love, and above all receiving a great education. She is thriving and is very advanced for her age. I never hesitate or worry when I drop her off at school. I know that she is happy to be there, and will be in great hands while I am at work! After she completes the Kindergarten program this year, we will have to move to a new school next year. We will greatly miss all of the teachers and staff at Primrose. I am so grateful for this school and feel blessed that we have had the opportunity to have them in our lives.

    Jen T


  • The Primrose School of Castle Rock goes the extra mile! One of my first great impressions of the school was that every teacher in the building knew my children's names and take the time to say hello or goodbye. It means a lot when we are treated like family and friends. The Primrose School of Castle Rock's team is also incredibly friendly, professional and helpful. The activities they arrange are amazing and a great way to bring families together. I know how much hard work goes into setting up events like these and it is truly appreciated! Since my two kids have been a part of Primrose, we are watching them flourish, at unprecedented rates. Words can't express what this means to us as parents. One of my favorite parts of my day is to hear about their day at school. They light up as they tell me/show me what they learned. They are both thriving from an educational standpoint, as well as, emotionally and socially. Their behavior has also turned a new leaf and they are much more engaged in making good choices.

    Jennifer G


  • My daughter, Lynniah, started at the Primrose School of Castle Rock on Monday. I cannot begin to tell you how BEYOND impressed I am. I knew this was going to be a huge struggle for Lynniah who has been staying home with me for three years. Lynniah is extremely sensitive and has some constipation issues, making potty training a challenge. Concerned about judgments, I was quite nervous. Your staff is ABSOLUTELY amazing. Amber is wonderful. The daily sheets are great. Most importantly, the love fo rmy child is astonoshing.

    Jess K


  • Two years ago I began the search for a new daycare center for my then three year old daughter. I contacted three day care centers in Castle Rock. Primrose was the only one that returned my call to schedule a tour. The facility was clean and Sarah answered all of our questions. The enrollment process was very easy. Samantha started at Primrose in August 2011. After only two weeks at Primrose, I had a different child. The structure they provide is something my daughter desperately needed and Primrose provides that. The first week when I dropped her off in the morning was difficult as she was getting used to a new school and new friends. The teachers were fantastic and even Miss Sarah and Miss Amber paid extra attention to Samantha at drop off to assist with the transition. One of the things that still impresses me today is there is always someone from the management team at the front desk in the morning and in the evening. One of my favorite stories is when I came in to pick Samantha up one evening and Miss Sarah knew me by name and asked how I was doing. How I was doing – no one at the previous daycare ever asked me that! It’s not just about the kids at Primrose, it’s about the entire family.Primrose is a fantastic school from the curriculum and life skills they teach, to the extraordinary staff. The love and care they provide to my daughter is indescribable. I can assure you – if you are in the process of selecting a daycare – Primrose is the right choice. I would choose them all over again if I had to.

    Emily R


  • Attentive teachers and great communication from front office !

    Berleley E

  • Great staff and love for learning.

    Jitka B

  • We started our first born at Primrose and moved him to a different school at his one year mark. Needless to say it was not in his best interest because anything outside of Primrose is not in our best interest. Once our second came along we swiftly put both boys back into Primrose School of Castle Rock. The staff is loving, patient, and as genuine as any parent could hope for. You simply cannot put a price on knowing that your little ones are in safe, caring hands every day. Thank you Primrose. Many tears of joy have been shed for the happiness and satisfaction you have brought back into our lives and the lives of our beloved boys.

    Amy M

  • Overall staff seems engaged and cares for child development; management listens to parental concerns; improvement area would be retaining quality teachers for longer stretches.

    Michael S

  • We love the school and tell everyone to send their littles here!

    Marie S

  • Ayden loves his teachers and really enjoys going to school. I've seen a huge difference at home. Since he has started.

    Cindy S

  • We enjoy getting photos of the kid's activities during the day. This is our third Primrose, and the first to send them more than once a month. It would be helpful to have more notes from the teacher about potty training, what's working at school and how we can continue to make progress at home. Our son has progressed a lot in the past few weeks, but more communication would be great. Including in the daily reports for both meals and potty.

    Tiffany B

  • Great curicculum ,well trained and freindly teachers, well kept classrooms

    Frank B

  • My children are currently in EPS B and Kindergarten. This is a first time in many years that our children have not had frequent turnover with teachers, and we couldn’t be happier. Ms Sarah and Ms Kalkidan are AMAZING. My child asks to go to school on weekends so he can see them. They have fostered an amazing environment in that classroom, encouraging children to establish friendships and embracing their silliness and age. A good example of this is that the children all have silly nicknames, which I love. I have discussed with many other parents the loving and fun environment these women offer for our 2.5 year olds. Mrs Paulina is an excellent teacher as well. She gives caring feedback, specific to our child, which I appreciate. I can tell she takes the time to determine the best approach to educate each child, and has stated their journey in “real school” on a positive note. My child is excited about learning, and Mrs Paulina gets all that credit!

    Ryan C

  • We have been very pleased with all of the teachers. Our child has exploded in her development and we couldn't thank Primrose enough for all of their dedication and hardwork!

    Nicole L