Primrose School at Bedford Hills

Parent Testimonials

  • We have had a great experience and appreciate all you're doing to help our child learn and develop.

    Alyssa A.


  • My oldest child attended Primrose from 18 months through 5 years when she aged out of their program. The curriculum here is great, she is writing clearly, knows her numbers, and is learning math and was reading three letter word books on her own by 5. Miss Val and Miss Johnson are an asset to this school indeed and we are sorry to leave! Luckily my younger child who began Primrose at 3 months and is now 2 years can gain all the same skills as her older sibling while at this school.



  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • After enrolling our daughter in another child care center for a few months, Primrose opened their doors and after touring the school and seeing their curriculum, we made the switch immediately! The level of personal attention that our daughter gets every day is amazing! Her daily sheets are so detailed and filled with so much love, that we feel as if we were right there with her all day long! That was such an important factor to us, as our last school stopped daily sheets very early on. In addition to her daily sheets, randomly we get emails sent to us with a picture of something she has done throughout the day. That always puts the biggest smile on our faces! We are so impressed by all the teachers at Bedford Hills and can see how happy they are to be there each day. Our daughter LOVES her teacher and talks about her on the weekends at home! In addition, my wife & I are thrilled that the children are provided with healthy meals throughout the day and the menu is filled with wonderful options. We could not be more happy with our decision to enroll at Primrose Bedford Hills!



  • We decided to switch day care providers after 6 years with a large, regional provider. Our experience with Primrose so far has been outstanding. The energy of the staff, director, and owners is amazing. I’ve been impressed with the parent-centric perks of the program, such as extended hours of operation and meal services. Most importantly, our children are getting the individual attention that was lacking at our previous provider. I feel like the Primrose staff is as invested in the outcomes for our family as we are; that’s been the most positive part of the transition for us.



  • Jason and I always liked our previous daycare and were initially sad when we had to leave due to a job change. Primrose has taught us how loving our 2 daughter's school is different than liking. I was nervous changing schools initially as our 3 y.o. toddler had known the same daycare since being an infant. After one short practice visit with mom during my time off between jobs, she was literally telling me to go back to work so she could attend a full day at her new school by herself. She is always excited to go to school and says that she is going to give her teacher a big hug every morning. We love the curriculum that focuses on the core subjects and all the art, drama, and music activities the girls make. The staff are all friendly and it is easy to see they really love being with the kids. Our infant is snuggled and played with the way every parent desires. The infant teachers work hard to follow the parents schedules they desire for their babies. We love getting pictures and newsletters from the school keeping us well informed of what they are learning and how happy they both are. The meals are well balanced, nutritious, and "yummy." I particularly like how my 2 girls get to interact with each other during the school day. We have been highly recommending Primrose to everyone we meet and are so happy we found it