Primrose School of Atlee Commons

Parent Testimonials

  • I never thought I would feel this good about where I bring my children every day. I have a great peace of mind knowing that they’re in good hands and that they’re getting the best education they can.



  • If I had to tell somebody why to choose Primrose, I would use the word perfection. You can’t get any better than this environment. There is such a trust level that they establish, the curriculum is very enriching, it’s very well-rounded, the teachers are very warm. So you feel like it’s a family environment.



  • My husband and I really try to have a culture of loving to learn at home, but since she started at Primrose, I feel like actually it’s our daughter that’s been bringing that energy into our house.



  • I genuinely feel like my daughter is learning something every second of every minute she’s here at Primrose.



  • We love Primrose School Atlee Commons! The staff is friendly, helpful, and just wonderful! :) We have noticed, since Raegan has been attending Primrose, she is definitely intelligent and seems more advanced than some of her peers that she is friends with who do not attend Primrose. It is quite interesting to see the contrast from other children her age who do not attend Primrose verses some of her friends that go elsewhere. My husband and I are quite pleased with the knowledge Raegan has gained and her excitement about going to school every morning. We are very fortunate that Raegan has the opportunity to attend a school that focuses on learning instead of just playing, but also allowing the children to be kids. Thank you for being such a vital part in our child's life. It certainly has made a difference in our life!

    Sabrina C


  • Our daughter started Primrose when she was about 16 months old. Being new parents, we had the usual fears and anxiety that comes with leaving your first born at a new school and daycare facility. You hope you're making the right decision not only for your child, but for yourself. In the four plus years that she's been at Primrose, she has learned valuable skills in sharing, socializing, communicating, as well as reading, writing and arithmatic. The difference in her behavior and social skills compared to those children who are unable to benefit from being enrolled in a good quality daycare at an early age is quite substantial. She has grown and matured very, very well and as parents we couldn't be happier with the quality and care Primrose teachers and staff have demonstrated. One can really see the differences when they leave Primrose to attend public school. It truly is an advantage. Enrolling our daughter at Primrose was one of the best decisions and most beneficial to her, that we've made as parents. The attention, care, quality of teaching, and activities, in my opinion, are second to none. Any issues we brought to the school's attention were listened to and dealt with to our satisfaction. We can honestly say that Primrose has played and will continue to play an important role in our daughter's development and education. I think it would be a disservice to not send your child to this school.

    Robert M