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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Irina and Suvir Bhatia
Irina and Suvir Bhatia
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Irina and Suvir Bhatia


Hi, I am Irina Bhatia, and together with my husband Suvir we are honored to be the owners of Primrose Alpharetta since 2016.

Having grown up in highly educated families of teachers, children’s services professionals, engineers and lawyers, we come from environments where academics are the prominent family focus. We have experienced first-hand the value of early learning and individual attention during the formative early years. This helped us realize and pursue our passion for sharing this vision, promoting education, and providing outstanding early childhood learning opportunities to families in our community.

Suvir has a Masters degree in Business Management & Computer Networking from Carnegie Mellon University. He has been a Strategy and Operations consultant with a Big 4 Consulting firm for the last twelve years, setting up and improving operations for companies around the world. After earning my MBA from Georgia State, I also joined a Big 4 Consulting firm, and spent six years building my career in financial and project management. It was during these years that I had the opportunity to realize my dedication to teaching, training, and professionally coaching my colleagues – while also providing professional mentorship to friends. It quickly became clear that education, as well as personal and academic development of others, were my true passion and a professional dream.

In our free time we love to travel and see the world. Suvir enjoys exploring interesting and innovative techniques in photography of places we visit. I appreciate experiencing exotic food from different parts of the world, and experimenting with combining different cuisines and trying new things in the kitchen when we are at home.

Together, we are a team, dedicated to providing the highest quality care and learning environment to the children in our community. Our goal is to make sure our school becomes an extension of each child’s home and family, as a safe, interesting, and creative learning environment, which facilitates their personal and academic development. In addition to standing by the outstanding one-of-a-kind research-informed and well-rounded Primrose curriculum, we also firmly believe that who children become is as important as what they know. We are dedicated to creating an environment where children learn all appropriate life skills, which will help them become educated, happy and successful adults.

Please reach out to us to learn more about our school, and the outstanding curriculum and educational approach of Primrose Schools. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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