The Primrose Promise℠: How We Give Back

By Primrose Schools

There are many facets to early childhood education, but our overarching goal is simple: to shape the upcoming generations into empathic, involved and enriched individuals.

We believe that every child represents the promise of a better future, and we are committed to helping all of America’s children realize that promise — especially those at greatest risk.

We call this Primrose Promise.

Primrose Promise is embedded in the very essence of what we do, beginning in the classroom. With the Balanced Learning® curriculum, the teachers in our schools encourage the children to develop good character and give without expectation through meaningful hands-on activities, such as the Primrose Promise Pals program.

Primrose Promise Pals

Primrose Promise Pals is a child sponsorship program made possible by our long-standing partnership with Save the Children.

Each school sponsors a child in the United States through Save the Children. The children exchange drawings and letters while making a special connection to their Primrose Promise Pal.

“(The children) get so excited about it,” says Amy James, a Franchise Owner at Primrose School of Brentwood in Nashville, Tennessee. “They write letters and get really excited to give back and be creative.”

Service Learning

Our curriculum teaches children the importance of giving to others without expecting anything in return. Alongside the Primrose Promise Pals program, our children participate in service-learning projects throughout the year.

In the Explorer Program, for example, children develop leadership skills as they use the design thinking process to create a solution for a local charity. This community-based service project teaches young children that they are capable of enacting positive change in the local community.

“When we ask the families and the teachers for help with these projects, we are flooded with help,” Amy says. “It gives you such a wonderful feeling of all the kindness in the world.”

Unforgettably Special

Primrose Promise has a profound effect on our communities. In the Primrose Promise Pals program, for example, Primrose sponsorship donations help fund special tutoring, healthy foods and opportunities to grow for the children in the Promise Pal’s school.

In addition, each November, teachers and parents work with the children as they raise money by doing chores at home. They learn about money as they count their earnings, create a budget for the grocery store, calculate their total budget and take a field trip to buy canned goods for their local food bank or homeless shelter. Teachers at Primrose schools are teaching more than basic skills — they are teaching children how to be good citizens of the world.

And when teachers witness the children applying the lessons learned through the Balanced Learning approach in real life, it is unforgettably special.

“This school year, I had the opportunity of teaching an amazing little boy,” says Hannah, a Kindergarten Teacher at Primrose School of Brentwood. “He was riding home from school with his mom. It was fall, so it’s starting to get a little cooler outside, and he noticed a man on the street with no socks. So he came up with the idea to collect socks and give them to shelters around the Nashville area.

“He told the class his idea. They got behind him, and the parents were great. They kept bringing in lots of socks, and we were able to help him reach his goal — he was able to collect over 1,000 socks for these shelters.”


Primrose Promise provides teachers, children and their families meaningful opportunities to make a difference in their communities.

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About Save the Children
Save the Children gives children in the United States and around the world a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Save the Children invests in childhood — every day, in times of crisis and for our future. Follow the group on Twitter and Facebook.



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