Becca: A Leader is Made, Not Born

By Primrose Schools

Becca Vicini used to consider herself an introvert. She didn’t initiate conversations or new relationships easily, but “that has completely changed” since she started working at Primrose School of Mount Pleasant, she says.

Her time at Primrose has allowed her to see her abilities and potential in a new way. “Even my mom said, ‘I feel like you’re a completely different person,’” Becca says. “The confidence is noticeable to my family. I’m driven and more motivated than I’ve ever been.”

This growth is especially remarkable when you consider how quickly it happened. Becca started at Primrose in March 2021, fresh off a move to the Charleston, South Carolina, area from her hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.

She had worked as an early childhood education teacher in Kentucky for nine years and knew she wanted to continue in the field. “I toured this school and fell in love with it,” she says.

The school fell in love right back. Becca quickly rose from a school support role (substituting in classrooms as needed) to teaching in the Young Toddler classroom, caring for children ages 12 to 18 months old. A bit over a year later, she was promoted to her current position, education coach.

In this leadership role, Becca supports teachers and helps ensure that the Primrose Balanced Learning® curriculum is being implemented in the classrooms. She observes, gives feedback, troubleshoots challenges and communicates with parents.

“I help the teachers with whatever they need to have a successful classroom,” she says. Though she has an office, she spends most of her time in the classrooms and very little at her desk. That’s how she prefers it.

“Every day is different and exciting,” she says. “Kids are so easy to love. Watching them grow and develop over time is one of the most rewarding experiences.”

Becca’s time as a teacher has stayed with her, because it showed her how much of a difference teachers can make. When she was teaching in the Young Toddler classroom, she spent months helping a little girl learn to walk. Children develop at their own pace, but the little girl was eager to get moving. So she and Becca practiced, with Becca holding her hands. She made sure to keep it fun and celebrate every tiny supported step.

Then one day, the little girl took independent steps. “It was the greatest day of our lives,” Becca remembers, laughing. “We were all cheering.”

Becca loves that Primrose allows teachers and other staff to “give each child the attention they deserve” while also working as part of a team.

“I discovered I’m the kind of person who, if there is a problem or a challenge, I want to solve it in a collaborative manner. I like working with the teachers and children and families.”

Her younger self would be surprised by that, she says. “I never thought about myself as someone who could make connections with people, and now I realize I am that person.”

With this knowledge, the sky’s the limit for Becca. She takes advantage of every training opportunity she can at Primrose, from requirements like first aid and CPR to elective leadership and behavioral guidance training.

“The great thing about Primrose is that they make it so attainable,” she says. “If you work hard and put in the time and effort, there are so many opportunities to grow.”

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