Why I Love Teaching: The 5 Most Rewarding Aspects of Working as a Teacher at a Primrose School

By Primrose Schools

We asked several Primrose school teachers what they love most about their jobs. Here’s what they told us are the biggest rewards of teaching.

Reward #1: A Rare Sense of Community

Teachers working at a Primrose school often remark that they felt an immediate sense of community when they began at their school, and that sense of welcome and camaraderie does not fade over time.

“I know that I can walk up to any teacher for advice and they will be excited to help,” says Sydney, a Toddler teacher at Primrose School at Old Henry Crossing in Louisville, Kentucky.

Reward #2: Primrose Sets You Up for Success

Many teachers come to a Primrose school without formal teaching experience, but that’s OK because of our signature Balanced Learning® approach. Balanced Learning streamlines the teaching process by giving teachers prepared lesson plans created by early childhood education experts.

This eases pressure on new teachers and allows them to build their confidence.

“I don’t feel like the management team is this imposing, scary group of people,” says Nikki, a Pre-K teacher at Primrose School of Dunwoody in Dunwoody, Georgia. “I can go to them and really express myself ... They are always there to help."

For many teachers who work at a Primrose school, the support goes even further, with some Franchise Owners offering training, certification and continuing education opportunities for their employees. Some locations also offer benefits, bonuses and free or discounted child care.

Reward #3: An Excellent Work-Life Balance

Primrose schools offer an excellent work-life balance unique to the education sector. The Balanced Learning approach streamlines or eliminates time-consuming lesson planning, which other teachers have to complete in their free time. This means teachers at Primrose schools can spend their off hours with their families, working on hobbies or just relaxing — not worrying about work.

“While I’m at work, I’m completely devoted to my job,” says Megan, a Pre-K teacher at Primrose School of Roswell North in Roswell, Georgia. “However, once I leave, I get to enjoy my life outside of school.”

Reward #4: Children Are a Joy to Teach …

Getting to spend time with children is a reward of teaching in itself.

“When they give you a hug, it’s nothing but the warmest feeling to know that they genuinely love you no matter what you’re doing, what you’re saying, how you’re feeling,” says Demetra, a Pre-K teacher at Primrose School of Nashville Midtown in Tennessee.

While teaching at a Primrose school, you will naturally be present for — and often help facilitate — milestones in a child’s life.

“I get to teach children how to read for the first time,” says Hannah, a Kindergarten teacher, also at Primrose School of Nashville Midtown. “They can sit there and say each letter sound over and over, but the moment that they get the word and they look at you and they’re like, ‘Cat, cat!’ And the look of pride on their face … It’s those moments that you’re like, ‘This is why I do what I do.’"

Reward #5: … And You Will Learn from Them as Well

Primrose schools are places of learning — a reward of teaching that goes both ways.

“The kids are constantly teaching you new things,” says Megan of Primrose School of Roswell North. “They teach you patience, unconditional love and how to laugh at yourself. They remind you that you have to keep life in perspective and remain positive.”

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