Step 1: Take a Pledge as a Family to Get Ready. Get Safe.

Step 1: Take a Pledge as a Family to Get Ready. Get Safe.

Through September and October, Primrose Schools® will be sharing information and resources from national partner Save the Children® and its Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative to help families get prepared for emergencies. Each week, parents can complete items on the Get Ready. Get Safe. Family Plan Checklist to help their children and family plan and prepare in the event of an emergency. This blog post marks the first post in the nine-week series.

Did you know 40 percentof parents don’t have an emergency plan for their children and family if a disaster strikes?

Preparing for emergencies can be scary to think about. It’s one of those subjects many of us like to brush aside for a rainy day when we don’t have other things to plan for, like getting our kids to school, a big presentation at work, or preparing a family meal. But for too many parents, the day they start thinking about emergency preparedness is the day they are faced with an actual emergency and have no plan or preparations in place. For parents of young children, this thought is especially frightening. 

In the face of a disaster, children are the most vulnerable. They rely on us for shelter, food, love and comfort, and they rely on us to be prepared and know what to do in a crisis. That’s why Save the Children and Primrose Schools are teaming up to get families thinking and learning about emergency preparedness.

For the next two months, Primrose will be sharing information and resources from Save the Children on the Primrose blog to help guide you through the steps of getting your family prepared in case of an emergency. We’ve created a Family Plan Checklist for parents to follow along, and each week we’ll help you check off steps toward becoming better prepared. By the end of next month, your family will be ready and know how to stay safe if disaster strikes. You can either download the full Get Ready, Get Safe Plan here or check back every Tuesday for each week’s resource. 

This effort is part of Save the Children’s Get Ready. Get Safe. initiative designed to help communities prepare so they can protect and care for the most vulnerable among us in times of crisis – our children. At Primrose, children’s safety is a top priority. That’s why all Primrose schools across the country have implemented a Safe School Plan and integrated emergency preparedness lessons into their curriculum. Now Primrose is taking it one step further and partnering with parents to help ensure that children are safe and protected at school and at home. 

This week, the first step towards getting prepared for emergencies is to download and fill out the “Take the Pledge Certificate” together with your family to pledge to make an emergency plan. Now, check off that box and stay tuned each week to continue bringing your family closer to being emergency prepared! 

Primrose Pledge Certificate

1Save the Children, Disaster Report Card 

Get Ready. Get Safe. Family Plan

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