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Franchise Owners of Primrose School Diana and Gregory Palen
Diana and Gregory Palen
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Diana and Gregory Palen


We are excited to introduce ourselves; Diana and Gregory Palen - proud owners of the Primrose School of Winter Springs. Together, we have been involved in the field of early education since 1987. Diana worked as an early childhood educator while completing her degrees in Early and Elementary Education, as Gregory completed his degree in Data Center Support. Since that time, both of us have been involved in planning various school and early education events and fundraisers, creating lifelong relationships in the field of early education. Along the way we added our two daughters to the Palen family who share in our joy in serving the community.

Our Primrose School of Winter Springs story began in 2014. We remember standing on the cleared land just before the foundation of the school was poured. Knowing and believing that this was the start to an amazing path supporting early education, we looked forward to welcoming children and their families to the school as I took the role of the School Director.

Fast forward through the years. We are now Grandparents and see first-hand how the enriched environment of Primrose Curriculum and dedicated teachers foster a lifelong love of learning for all children entrusted into our care.

In 2022, we became the owners of the Primrose School of Winter Springs.  As long-term residents of the Winter Springs area, we are honored and excited to continue to provide the exclusive Balanced Learning Curriculum provided by Primrose Schools to the community we love. We are committed to delivering this quality experience to all in our community and look forward to your family joining the Primrose School of Winter Springs, as we support together high-quality learning experiences for your children. 

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