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  • Getting to know each other!

    Private Pre-Kindergarten teachers and students are off to a great start! During our small group time, we all made and decorated a "getting to know you" worksheet! It's going to be a great school year!

  • Wichita preschool

    Back to School Night!

    We are gearing up for Back to School Night! Be sure you have turned in your pre-registration forms for a guaranteed spot this school year! We are looking forward to another great year!

  • testimonial of Primrose School of Wichita

    Why did you chose Primrose School of Wichita East for your child?

    “We chose Primrose Wichita based on the school’s tailored curriculum to develop our child’s individual capabilities in a fun and collaborative classroom setting. Each Primrose interaction we have reassures us that our child is in the best possible environment to grow and learn.”

  • Primrose school of Wichita east fun days

    We love dressing up like our grandpa and grandma!

    Besides learning we have many fun days at our School!

  • primrose school of Wichita east

    Spring Fling Charity Event!

    Join us Saturday, May 5th from 10am - Noon for our annual charity carnival Wrist Bands are $20/child! All proceeds go to Primrose Childrens Foundation! Enjoy Carnival Games, treats, silent auction, rocket launchers and more!

  • School for 2 year olds!

    Some call us the 2's experts, what do you think?

    We know how to keep 2's happy, learning and engaged! Now enrolling in our Early Preschool Program, email to learn how we can help with your 2 year old explore the world safely!

  • testimonial for Primrose School of Wichita East

    Why did you chose Primrose Schools for your children?

    Why We Chose Primrose: Hello! We are the Stucky family. My name is Corey Stucky and my wife’s name is Catherine. Our children are Jillian, who is now 6 years old and Jensen, who is 3 years old. We are proud to say that both our children are Primrose kids! There are several reasons why we chose to send our children to Primrose School. Having travelled extensively in my previous employment, I was aware of the Primrose brand through friends and family who had experienced Primrose positively in other cities. My wife also knew of Primrose through her friends’ experiences as well. Admittedly, out of all the other choices we had in our area, the reasons we finally selected Primrose for our children boiled down to about 3 things; 1) Primrose was ideally located for our childcare needs, affording us a streamlined route between work and home for which our children could be nurtured. 2) Primrose provided the hours we needed for childcare without a drop-off/pick-up restriction that exceeded our ability to honor or maintain. As working parents, we needed a facility that would be open before we are due for work, and after we are scheduled to leave work. Primrose met this need. 3) Primrose was built as an actual school, not simply a converted building or secondary-use facility. It was founded on solid principles focused on developing children to their actual potential. It included transition classrooms and classes, active work assignments allowing our children the opportunity to grow socially, learn phonological skills, self-awareness, pre-writing skills, pre-math skills, and cognitive/critical thinking skills, and share a pre-meal prayer among others. Primrose provided a continuous assessment program from which to evaluate the learning of our children. It reinforced values within our children that are also important to us; a. Be kind to yourself and others b. Use your listening ears and your looking eyes. c. Keep your hands and your feet to yourself. d. Use your walking feet and inside voices in school. To say that I can share the “Rules of the Roost” with you simply means that Primrose doesn’t just work for our children; it works for us, too! We have since learned and experienced that Primrose truly partners with you for your child’s care, well-being, and learning. And most importantly, Primrose provides a platform from which one can offer parental feedback without the risk of indignation or pretense simply because of differing viewpoints. And, perhaps one of the most important things, it provides daily pictures and notes about curriculum and specific feedback on our children that we can share with grandparents, siblings, and others who might enjoy seeing the kids daily and learning about what they are doing. Simply put; we’re thankful that we found Primrose, and appreciative of what Primrose has given to us in kind. Our children, and our family, are better for it. Sincerely, The Stucky Family Corey, Catherine, Jillian & Jensen

  • Primrose School Science class

    Moon Exploration at Primrose Schools!

    Small group "Moon" exploration is soo much fun! We painted moons, made moon dough, read stories and also made our very own 3-D moons! Our children love Science Education!

  • Primrose Children exceeded national trends in math and literacy

    Primrose Students Exceeded National Trends in Math and Literacy! Way to Go!

    That's right, we have done it again! Our Primrose Children are growing socially and academically!

  • Happy Kansas Day!

    Why do you love Kansas? #happykansasday!

    Our preschoolers had a blast participating in Kansas Day activities! Thank you Primrose teachers for making learning fun!

  • Spring Break Camps in Wichita Kansas

    Sneak Peek of our Summer Camp (West School location only)

    Join us for Spring Break Week at our West School! School is out and the fun begins!

  • Primrose School of Wichita Testimonial Review

    We love our Primrose Families!

    "Our daughter, Emma, has been attending Primrose Wichita East for 2 ½ years. In that time, she has benefited in learning from the most professional and passionate teachers and staff that we have ever seen. We have observed a high quality, balanced learning environment from the day one. The curriculum is impressive coupled with plenty of play time and hands on activities for the kids. Primrose has set our daughter up for a lot of success in the future.”

  • Photo of pretend play happening at Primrose School of Wichita

    Pertend Play at School!

    Pretending is important in child development. Children learn about themselves and the world. Dramatic play experiences are some of the first ways children learn about their likes and dislikes, their interests, and their abilities. They experiment with role playing and work to make sense out of what they’ve observed. Primrose School is all about it!

  • Testimonial

    Meet the Stroot Family!

    "Primrose is not just a school, it is a community. In addition to enthusiastic teachers, great facilities, attention to detail, and an impressive curriculum, Primrose goes above and beyond engaging the children in special experiences. Whether it is a cultural parade, Trunk or Treat, educational presentations by organizations throughout Wichita, or the Caring and Giving Food drive, to name a few, the children are learning well beyond the minimum child care development. We are beyond appreciative of everything Primrose has provided for our family."

We'd love for your family to meet ours.