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    Looking for child care in Wichita?

    We are conveniently located on N 127th Street East, minutes down the road from the Greenwich Place Shopping Center and Wheatland Elementary School. Unlike an ordinary daycare in Wichita, we provide your child with a robust early education and child care experience.

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    We are currently enrolling for these programs (ages 6 weeks to 12 years):

    Infant, Toddler, Early preschool, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Kindergarten, After school

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    We bus to the following elementary schools:

    Magdalen Catholic School, Wheatland Elementary School and Martin Elementary School

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    Design Challenge!

    During Project time this week, our preschooler's started on their engineering design challenge! They discussed different parts of a train by looking through our book “Freight Train” by Donald Crews. They observed how the parts are similar and different and if each train part can hold cargo or not. They spent some time drawing out our designs. This week, our 3 year old's will be building a train that can carry one of our Primrose puppet friends! This will be a big challenge, but we are excited and ready for it!

  • preschool graduation

    Congrats to our Primrose Pre-K graduates!

    We are proud of our 2019 Pre-K graduates! They are off to do great things and are all more then ready to enter Kindergarten.

  • Teacher appreciation week!

    Teacher Appreciation Week!

    Thank you Primrose Teachers for helping to shape young minds!

  • Meal Worm

    This month it's all about non-living vs. living!

    Our preschoolers love science! We are observing our meal worms. - Are they fast or slow? - Do they have legs? - What color are they?

  • Primrose School of Wichita East Confidence

    Gaining Confidence in life skills and letters!

    Our pre-k students are gaining more and more confidence each day! Confidence in life skills incorporated in our weekly poems and our letter recognition. With a few months left before Kindergarten, our students are beyond ready:)

  • Kansas day activities

    Happy Kansas Day!

    Today our preschool and pre-k students engaged in fun Kansas themed activities!

  • teaching from the heart!

    Teaching from the heart!

    Somethings just are priceless! *When our Primrose children love School so much that they want to come to School on weekends! *When our Primrose teachers greet their students with joy! *When our Primrose parents partner with us on their child's education and care! We believe in teaching from the heart!

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    School will be closed on New Years Day!

    We look forward to a wonderful 2019! Please remember we will be closed on Tuesday, January 1st!

  • 2 year olds working on shapes at Primrose School daycare


    Math is more then memorizing at Primrose Schools! Our 2 year old's are looking for 2-D and 3-D shapes! What makes this activity more doing it with friends. We just love seeing teamwork in play!

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    Parent Teacher Conferences!

    We love this time of the year! Thank you Primrose Parents for partnering with us, we can't wait to share your child's progress with you!

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    Why Primrose Puppets are important!

    Our Primrose Puppets teach us about science, math, literacy but most importantly they teach us compassion! Each of our Primrose Puppets teach us a different positive character development trait! These traits are highly desireable as students enter Big School. 85% of brain development is completed by the age 5! You see how important it is to teach Positve character traits early! Join us for our next up coming tour to learn more and to see it in action!

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    Dear Primrose Parents, We see how hard you work and we just want to tell you that you are doing a great job with raising wonderful children. Thank you for your partnership!

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    Peek-A-Boo experts!

    Do you know the importance of playing a simple game of Peekaboo? *Our Primrose babies learn that objects and people still exist, event when we can't see them! This game never gets old!

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    Engineer at it's best!

    Our little engineers are working as a team to build their own car. 1. Must be able to move 2. Must be able to hold 2 people

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